YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: When Can An Intern Ask For Money?

How long do you have to intern before you can ask your bosses about a real job and/or some credit?
Publish date:
July 8, 2013
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My friend writes for a health blog/site and writes 90 percent of the articles, none of which include a byline, which would be fine, if her name was somewhere on the site, but they haven't even included her name in the "About Us" section. The founders and one other intern is listed with a small profile, but it's been a year and they haven't added my friend's name to the roster. She's been writing her tush off. I feel like she's being taken advantage of, and if she's working for free, she should at least benefit with a byline on the widely used site so that she can brand herself and use the clips for resumes. I keep telling her to e-mail them now, but I want some more encouragement to back me up.

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