A Minnesota Mom Is Facing Criminal Charges For Supplying Her Ill Son With Medical Marijuana

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October 8, 2014

Welcome to your midweek dose of Debbie Downerdom. Seriously, I am so sick (no pun intended) of covering Ebola, but it’s been an important part of the news, as yet another American is being treated for the disease. But Ebola isn’t the only problem in America, terrorism is unfortunately still alive and well -- yet another teenager has decided to try to join ISIS. There’s also a new medical marijuana story, which, at least in my opinion, hasn’t had the coverage it deserves. I’m also dropping a huge bombshell about a favorite former television dad (no, not Bob Saget). And to add insult to injury, a new study reveals, if you pet your cat, you’re a bad feline parent!

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Former Television Pastor Most Certainly Going To Hell And Probably Jail

Tapes of actor Stephen Collins, who is best known as the father on 7th Heaven, were released early Tuesday morning where he admitted to molesting several unnamed girls. To be clear: this is not alleged, a rumor, or speculation -- he admits to exposing himself and molesting children on tape.

Let’s backtrack, though: Collins and wife Faye Grant are in the middle of a nasty divorce. In court documents, Grant states:

[Collins] admitted that he had sexually molested 3 underage girls over a decade ago. At least two of these girls were molested over the course of several years. [I am] sickened by Stephen's actions [and] have urged Stephen multiple times to seek treatment for pedophilia, [but] he has refused to seek proper help or hospitalization for the predilection toward children.

Grant says she had no knowledge of her former husband’s secret life until 2012. A while back, she secretly taped a couple’s therapy session, which is legal in the state of California because you are legally allowed to record someone without their knowledge, if you are gathering evidence of a violent felony. Molestation of a child under 14 falls into that category.

So far, Collins has been fired from the movie "Ted 2," removed from the board of Committee For Stress-Free Schools and resigned from the SAG/AFTRA National Board. And the TV Guide Channel has dropped 7th Heaven re-runs from their syndication schedule.

Criminal investigations by the NYPD and LAPD are pending.

Ebola Update

Last week, I reported on a Liberian national, Thomas Eric Duncan, who came the US after being exposed to Ebola. If you were wondering, his situation has taken a turn for the worse. Currently in critical condition, it was reported on Tuesday that he is now being treated with an experimental drug, Brincidofovir (don’t ask me how to pronounce that). (Update: Duncan has since died of his illness.)

It was also reported that a homeless man, Michael Lively, who rode in same ambulance as Duncan, has been taken into custody by the Dallas Police Department. Lively was being monitored last Saturday, but wandered off. On Sunday, he was found and taken into custody. He is currently being quarantined in the Psychiatric Ward of Parkland Hospital. But don’t worry, Lively is considered a low-risk, is asymptomatic at this point, and has not been charged with a crime.

Another American man is also being treated for Ebola. Ashoka Mukpo, 33, a freelance cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia is being treated for the disease in a special isolation unit at a Nebraska hospital. It is believed he may have contracted the virus from cleaning out a car that an Ebola patient died in. Dr. Richard Sacra, another American, was successfully treated for Ebola in the same unit, just last month.

Mother Charged For Giving Her Son Medical Marijuana

Angela Brown of Madison, Minnesota is being charged with child endangerment for giving her son, Trey, marijuana. Nope, this isn’t a case of “puff, puff, pass.” Trey suffers from a serious brain injury that occurred when his temple was hit with a baseball back in 2011. His brain began to bleed and as a result, he suffers from debilitating pain. The pain is so bad Trey has engaged in self-harm and considered suicide. Traditional medical treatments have been unsuccessful.

A doctor suggested that his mother give him medical marijuana. Because marijuana is illegal in Minnesota, after much research, Angela Brown travelled to Colorado to get her son cannabis oil. Trey began to feel better and started to do well in school again. When his teacher asked what happened, Angela told the teacher the truth and she reported her to authorities. Brown told CNN:

Everything was great until I opened my mouth to the wrong person and I got turned in. And family services questioned my son at school; the cops came to my workplace. We are good hard working people that were just trying to save our sons life. I didn't give my son back alley pot. I gave him controlled medicinal cannabis. I want them to have compassion for a mother that was just trying to save her child.

After the explanation, Family Services dropped the case, but the Lac Qui Parle County attorney has decided to pursue criminal charges. In 2015, Minnesota’s new medical marijuana law will go into effect.

Chicago Area Teenager Tries To Join Isis

The FBI arrested a 19-year-old US, Mohammed Hamzah Khan of Bollingbrook, Illinois. They caught him just before he boarded a flight to Vienna en route to Turkey. Why was he going to Turkey? To join ISIS.

Khan left his family a letter, which outlined his plans, with the express direction not to tell authorities, but they turned him in anway. In the letter Khan wrote:

My dear parents, there are a number of reasons I will be going to the blessed land of Shaam, and leaving my home. We are all witness that the Western societies are getting more immoral day by day. I do not want my kids being exposed to filth like this.

The Department of Justice has charged Khan with one count of attempting to provide material to a terrorist organization. According to the FBI, Khan is just one 13 Americans who have tried to join ISIS. If convicted, Khan could face a $250,000 fine and up to 15 years in prison.


• A new report from Cats Protection, which is the UK’s leading cat welfare organization, claims petting your cat is stressing poor Fluffy out: “Space and peace is often what they need. They are not small furry humans, so what would comfort us will not ­necessarily comfort them. Owners love their ­animals and want them to be happy but our research has highlighted a lack of understanding.”

• The Supreme Court has decided they will not hear appeals from states whose gay marriage bans have been invalidated by lower courts. So, this means couples in Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Utah, and Oklahoma can raise a glass and say, “I do.”

• On Monday in New York, a dead black bear cub, which showed signs of trauma, was discovered. There is a lot of wildlife in Central Park, but no bears currently living there. Furthermore, it is illegal to keep a bear as a pet in New York State -- do you think a bear could even fit in a NYC apartment? No one knows where the bear came from, but authorities are investigating.