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Okay, seriously, I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!
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November 6, 2012
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OK, seriously, I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!

No, really. So excited. I am super hardcore about Election Day. Here is how hardcore I am:

That's right. What you are looking at right there is an immensely tacky patriotic manicure that I put on just to celebrate. All of my friends are making fun of me for having red, white, and blue nails, and I don't even care, because these colors don't run, baby.

Now, I actually voted weeks ago by absentee ballot:

I'll be sporting my I Voted sticker today anyway:

And some of the xoJane staff have graciously agreed to share their voting experiences (but not the contents of their ballots, because those are secret, kids!) here. We hope this gives you a little cross-section of what it's like to vote across the US on Election Day 2012, and we'd love to see your stories and photos in comments (but please check before publishing images of your marked ballot or the interior of your polling place, because it may not be legal in your area).

Madeline voted!

Here I am just after I cast my vote at a middle school near my house in Brooklyn. The process was fun and easy; got to meet a lot of nice old people from my neighborhood. They did not give out stickers, which was disappointing.

Here's Kate Conway on her election experience:

This is my first election voting not-by-mail, and I was really tempted to stick it out until Tuesday and go to our neighborhood polling place (a playground by my house -- yes, really). But the need to go to my very liberal office on Election Day won out over the thrill of voting on it, so I went and early voted at City Hall last weekend. It was a beautiful day, and I felt stupidly romantic and excited to be living in a city that was seventy cloudless degrees in October and where it took me ten minutes to walk in, fill out an "early voting ballot application," and walk back out again. I now feel EXTRA grateful for this, considering the horrible fuckups that are happening in Florida and Ohio with early voting.

During the whole affair, I kept grinning at people like, "YEAH WE'RE DOING OUR CIVIC DUTY Y'ALLLL," but no one smiled back, because I am a giant cheeseball and people can sense that.

I fucking love voting. (I do not know why.)

Somer voted today, and we all know what that means: Katesomer Sherwoodconway has committed election fraud!

I took Oliver with me to vote this morning, and I explained the process to him. He was very curious about the ballot boxes. We got there right at 7 and there was already a long line. Our precinct is really diverse, and it was awesome to see such a good turnout of minority voters. I hope this voting experience made a lasting impression on my kid.

Corynne got her vote on. She says: "OBAMA 2012!!"

Daisy on getting the best of both worlds:

Voting at home... Although I always wait until the last minute to fill out my absentee ballot so I end up having to drop it off at a polling place anyway. Plus, I dig that "I voted" sticker.

Marianne, representing in the notorious election maker and heart breaker of Florida:

Ed and I swung by the Supervisor of Elections office on the first day of early voting -- by 10am the line was already around the building. We went back at 7pm, got in with very little waiting. Everyone was very excited to be there. We have some big local propositions on the ballot, so there were folks in the parking lot talking about those. There were kids all over the place, watching their parents vote

Ed took longer, so I camped out in the chairs, where there was a mother and child -- the kid was probs 4 or 5 or so. The kid was so cute -- and was talking about how Jesus wanted her mother to vote for President Obama.

Olivia hit the polls looking fab (and says "Woo!"):

Helena on her smooth sailing at the polling place:

My boyfriend called me this morning at around 9AM to make sure I was getting up early enough to vote because he'd been in line for more than an hour by that point (can you tell he has a 9 to 5 and I sleep till it's time for The View?). Anywho, my polling place must be sprinkled with magic fairy dust because when I got there at 10AM with a VENTI Carmel Macchiato there were exactly three people in line. By 10:07 AM I'd exercised my rights and hadn't even finished my coffee. Booyaw!

Seriously, please vote. It's important. Here's how. Problem at the polls for you or someone else? Report it to Election Protection (1.866.OUR.VOTE). Meanwhile, we'll keep updating the post as more xoJaners hit the voting booths, and share your voting stories in the comments!