XOJane Asks: Why Are You Going to Vote Today? Here Are 50 Great Reasons -- and I Want Yours!

Don't take my word for it.Take everyone else's. VOTE!
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November 6, 2012
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I asked people on Twitter and Facebook, "Why are YOU voting today?" I loved the responses I heard back. Here's a little inspiration to get your tookus to your poll site stat. And please give your reason in the comments! Well, vote first -- and rememberm in New York you can vote anywhere today -- and then leave your reason!

1. "Because as much as I love jury duty, I love voting even more. Civic duty rules." --@therotund

2. "Because I don't want anybody messing with my lady wallet deposits and withdrawals but me." --@helena_andrews

3. "Because I felt like a fucking fraud when I was hosting 'Rock the Vote' benefits and not voting myself." --@janepratt

4. "Because as I watched 'Boardwalk Empire' this week, I realized that there are some people who want to make birth control as hard to access as it was in 1922." --@somersherwood

5. "I'm voting because my son was born with a constellation of birth defects including having only a single kidney, his preexisting condition makes it prohibitively expensive to insure his health. He plays both JV baseball and a smokin' walking jazz bass line on the stand up bass. So casting my vote for my son's Obamacare." -- @annabelgurwitch

6. "Voting is the intelligent thing to do and women love an intelligent man. So I do it for women." -- @MattHaze

7. "I will vote for Barack Obama because good will triumph over evil." -- @imeanwhat

8. “People have DIED for this right, in the past in USA, currently in other countries. How can we be like 'Meh, don't feel like it'?” -- @magicgirlsue

9. “I vote because if a candidate I voted for wins, I like to think I gave them a job.” –-@WriterDann

10. “I vote because it's one of the few rights we have that doesn't have a loophole that will get us thrown in jail.” --@MikeBurch2

11. “I voted, because as an immigrant, and naturalized Citizen, I'm voting for the future of the America my family came here for.” --@itsvalerious

12. “I voted because I and my uppity vag want to choose what comes in or out of us.” --@desertdandelion

13. “You should vote to give something like democracy a chance against moneyed interests in hijacking politics for personal gain.” --@Alethurgy

14. “Vote because there's heat and electric at the polls!” --@radioxshow

15. “Why vote? Because today matters!” --@misseire04

16. “I like to be in control of my own lady bits.” --@BAMFsquared

17. ”For me the more tacit question is why wouldn't you vote (other than an affinity for shirking responsibility).” -- @JuByCuTy07

18. “I bring my kids with me when I vote (for all elections), so they see the process at work firsthand. That's important to me too.” --@SheWolfPhilly

19. “I have a shrink appt at 8 am Wed. It would really suck to go in & say, "Well, I was doing better, but now I have to kill myself." --@tessacardenas

20. "I vote because I think my vagina deserves all the rights and freedoms that a penis would get if roles were reversed.” --@BeeLauraTee

21. “It's my chance to have my say and be heard. I will not complain and do nothing.” --@StephJMosley

22. “Vote so that @robdelaney can get back to his regular masturbating/tweeting schedule.” --@ellesep

23. “I vote because this nation needs the help.” --@JohnARutherford

24. “I vote because WE are the government and because so many of my ancestors weren't eligible to vote when the US was founded.” --@AdamFlowers

25. “Vote, because this year we can Instagram our ballot and make it all old-timey.” --@MykaFox

26. “If you don’t use your vote then you lose your voice to complain.” --@X_LucyLicks_X

27. “I vote for the future of women, and for the many strong women throughout history who fought so hard for my right to be heard.” --@hipsterella

28. “My reason to vote is to make a better world for my children. I fight for what’s right now...so hopefully they won’t have to.” --@ItaliaBella924

29. “Voting third party (Jill Stein!) in CA because my vote doesn't matter but making a (small) political statement does.” --@fatsmartpretty

30. “I'm voting to protect my right to do what I choose with the contents of my uterus!” --@vanessasworld83

31. “Women weren't always allowed to vote. I am woman hear me roar!” --@NatzeliJB

32. “Because I want a world where my daughter's autonomy is as protected by law as my son's is by nature.” --@hugoschwyzer

33. “For me, as a black man it’s important to vote to honor those who died for me to have the choice whether or not to for one.” --@rashardNAMUH

34. “Because if I don't Tagg, Bronson, Babs and Chaka Romney will.” --@thejeffclark

35. “Why vote? It's the ONLY way to have your POV be measured. If you sit out, you sit silent. Don't do it.” --@terilg

36. “We vote because we care. If the young don't vote, public policy gets skewed in favor of those who do. Hip surgeries over eye exams.” --@WSIC_Canada

37. “Why vote? Because if I don't, I have absolutely zero credibility complaining about the 'way things are' for the next 1459 days.” --@tOM_bRUNO_jR

38. "I have 3 young daughters. They deserve to live in a world where they are paid the same as their male counterparts for the same job. They deserve to be in control of their health decisions. They deserve NOT to grow up in a culture where there are different "levels" of rape. --@ralph_helm

39. "Freedom of speech is a right. Suffrage is a right. What American can't use more exercise?" -- @Borbay

40. "I have voted for the Republican candidate in every Presidential election of my voting life (since 1988). That will end this year. A Republican Party hijacked by the Tea Party no longer represents my views. I am voting because I believe my 6-year-old niece deserves better than what the RepubliTea Party is offering." --@TheMadSonneteer

41. "Too many women sacrificed for me not to take advantage of the privilege I now have, thanks to them, to make my voice heard." --@LuciSharai

42. "Do it for the poor Canadians, who must suffer the consequences of being America's hat with no say in the matter!" -- @ourladyofcoffee

43. "Women with massive vaginas don't vote. You don't have a massive vagina, do you?" -- @baznet

44. "Exercising my right, as an American, to stand up for what I believe in, and to vote for the right policymakers to do the job they were asked to do. In other words, legitimizing my complaints when Washington doesn't do their jobs." -- @Rookiephenom

45. "Because in 1870 some fought and died for me to be able vote, so I should be grateful and do so." -- @therealdaetwan

46. "I must vote tomorrow to cancel out the vote of my old-ass, stuck-up, close-minded, Republican neighbor." -- @ChitownRam

47. "When people say their votes don't count, well, it's just not true. They're not using their voice. Don't be passive." --@jcp_art

48. "Because I CAN. We should never forget the privilege we have in this country to democratically elect our leader!" --@bohemianone

49. "P. Diddy once threatened to kill me if I don't." --@dancurry9000

50. "We should vote because it's our history too. if we don't narrate the world who will?" --@TheOpEdProject

And your reason? Please share below!


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