Whoever Hijacked My Debit Card Has the Weirdest/Saddest Life on Earth

I cannot for the life of me understand the motivation behind most of the weird-ass purchases this vicious criminal charged to my account.
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December 29, 2014
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If you had five hours or so to spend $1000 of “free money,” what would you spend it on? I would probably spend it on a handbag, some cigarettes, some booze, and some fancy nail polish and then donate some of it to an abortion fund, I guess. I would not buy you a green dress or a real green dress either, but to this day I do not understand why the latter would be cruel.

This Sunday, I got an alert in my email saying that there was some suspicious activity on my card. I figured it had something to do with the fact that I was in Rochester, New York, visiting family, and had spent money there. NOPE. It turned out that someone had actually, legitimately, hijacked my card and had been going on a weird spending spree all morning. In total, they only charged about $1000 and it is all going to be returned to me. PHEW.

However, I cannot for the life of me understand the motivation behind most of the weird-ass purchases this vicious criminal charged to my account.

$1.65 at Club De Soleil in South Padre, Texas: I have no idea what this could possibly be. I Googled “Club De Soleil,” but all I could find was a “Kid Friendly Hotel” in Las Vegas. Is it that? What would cost $1.65 at a kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas?

Two separate charges for $42.50 to the Jacksonville Daily: Perhaps my perp wanted to stay abreast of all the important news coming out of the Jacksonville area, and wanted to have a friend to discuss said news with? I don’t know.

$7.94, PayTM Noida: Some kind of mobile gaming thing out of New Delhi, India.

$10.00, $8.59 Nintendo Digital: More video games? I mean, I’m not putting down video games, I’m pretty whatever about video games, but it seems a little weird to turn criminal and possibly risk jail to buy some cheap video games.

$0.16, NowTV: It’s apparently some kind of Hulu type site. But seriously? You stole my card to spend 16 cents on internet TV? Seriously?

$1.00, FilesFetcher.com: Something that lets you cache “publicly available documents”?

$1.23, OVH Roubaix: A French ISP?

$70.55, Triadacorpo: Uh. Do not know. I have no idea what this is. Googling is of no help.

$75.60, RalphLauren.com: This is pretty much the only one that makes any sense. Who doesn’t love a polo shirt, amiright?

$50.66, $101.33, Facebook Virtual Goods: Wow. SOMEONE IS REALLY INTO CANDY CRUSH OR WHATEVER.

$79.99, and five separate charges of $8.99 to Z8Games: IT IS A FULL LIFE FOR THIS GUY (OR GAL), HOLY SHIT.

$58.82 BuyAGift PLC: It’s some kind of gift-buying service. In the UK. At least my sad-seeming perp has someone to buy a Christmas present for?

AND THE CROWNING GLORY, $30.98 FOR DOMINO’S PIZZA IN AUSTRALIA: Seriously? Domino’s Pizza. You couldn’t have spent my hard earned money on good pizza that does not taste like cheesy cardboard? You had to go with Domino’s? What kind of devil are you?

There were a bunch of others too. Mostly gaming things, internet things in other countries, and one thing from Overstock.com. I have no idea how this person got my card number, and — luckily — all the money is being returned to me and I’ve got a new card so I’m not too worried. I’m creeped out, but not too worried.

I don’t believe in karma or anything like that, but it’s pretty clear that the person who robbed me has a pretty empty life if that is what he or she is spending “free” money on. I mean, the very life they are living is a punishment in and of itself, most particularly the part about eating Domino’s pizza.

Perhaps the only excitement they have is stealing credit cards from unsuspecting ladybloggers and spending their money on weird filesharing things and Las Vegas children’s hotels? I don’t know. I’m not even mad. I’m just kind of depressed that this is anyone’s life. I hope they get the help they need, because this is kind of a weird and sad hobby.

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