We Love You, Boston

Like the rest of the xoJane staff, I am shocked, horrified, and enraged by the events in Boston today.
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April 15, 2013
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Like the rest of the xoJane staff, I am shocked, horrified, and enraged by the events in Boston today. Lesley, our resident Bostonian, is safe and sound, and will have more to say on these events later. She is, understandably, in shock.

But I want to say this:

Thank you to the first responders who so bravely ran into a chaotic and terrifying scene to evacuate victims and attempt to get control of the situation and figure out what was going on.

Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel who are working frantically to assist the injured in Boston-area hospitals.

Thank you to the runners who kept on running to see what they could do to help after competing in a grueling race.

Thank you to the bystanders who moved to help when seeing their fellow human beings stricken down by an act of horrific cowardice and evil.

Thank you to all the public officials who have been using a variety of networks to keep people updated as quickly as possible on events.

Thank you to the people across the United States, and the world, who rushed to express sympathy with the city of Boston and to ask how they could help.

xoJane stands with Boston today, and our hearts go out to the city, as well as those who died and sustained injuries during this vicious attack. The Boston Marathon is a huge and amazing event with a tremendous history, and it is truly appalling to see it targeted for attack like this.

If you’re searching for runners, there’s a database with information to help you locate them. The Red Cross also has information to help you register and find family members and friends, and Google has launched a PeopleFinder for Boston as well. These sites are heavily trafficked right now so they may take time to load. Boston.com also has an excellent liveblog for upcoming information, including details on a Google Document connecting people stranded in Boston with places to stay.

Please be aware that there is a ground hold on Boston airports and cell phone service in parts of the city has been shut down to prevent remote detonations, so you may have difficulty contacting people.

The Red Cross has announced that it has sufficient blood products to meet demand in Boston, but your local blood bank could probably use your help if you want to do something today.

And please remember, gentle readers, that it’s okay to take a step back from the news, and it’s okay to need help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family, or to call a counseling hotline if you’re finding the events of today stressful and triggering. The Disaster Distress Line has counselors on call: 1-800-985-5990, text 66746, TTY: 1-800-846-8517.

For parents, PBS has a guide on talking about news with children, and Somer's discussed this subject as well.

We love you, Boston, and we're with you through investigation into this heinous crime, prosecution of the perpetrators, and recovery.