I Got Radio Frequency Therapy to Tighten My Loose Skin

I wanted to show the process because, honestly, I love my stomach like this.
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May 7, 2013
weight loss, loose skin, stomachs

There are many things that I looked forward to when I was losing weight. Conversely, I knew there would be plenty of drawbacks. What I never really counted on, however, was even as slowly and carefully as I’d worked to lose the weight, that I would have loose, stretched skin.

I had some idea that it could happen. I had been obese for almost seven years, so it’s not as if it didn’t make sense. But the more I saw the pounds go away, the more I saw stressed, stretched flesh staring back at me.

And so, I surveyed my options. I’m fortunate as a beauty editor that the brand Skinceuticals had been following my weight loss story, and had offered an amazing opportunity to test their new Body Tightening Concentrate with six sessions with the Tri-Pollar Apollo machine. The combination of the two would essentially tighten and tone the skin so there wouldn’t be dimples and sagging.

The Tri-Pollar Apollo machine is a machine uses radio frequency massage to go deep into the layers of the skin and essentially tighten it right back up. It can tighten skin, reduce the appearance of a double chin, reduce wrinkles and help with the appearance of fat. It can’t get rid of fat, it just lessens its appearance.

It’s akin to shrink wrapping your skin. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s kind of like getting a hot stone massage from a really nice professional. By the way: it’s also how most of Hollywood seems to never have cellulite. Cue “The More You Know” logo here.

OK, so let’s talk about what the cream is and what it does. Skinceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate is essentially a cream that helps target and tighten sagging loose skin where time and gravity have a party and leave a mess on your body: abdomen, underarm batwings, thighs, etc.

It works by cooling the skin and stimulating collagen as well as the molecules that hold water to essentially re-inflate the skin from the inside, which in turn gives your skin a tighter, smoother appearance. The effects are long-term. I repeat: long-term effect.

It’s not just there to mask the problem, it goes into your skin and works to fix the issue. A mixture of tripeptides, yeast extract, hydrolyzed rice protein and LHA (Lipo Hydroxy Acid) is what makes it run.

In my opinion, Skinceuticals is one of the top dermatology-approved product companies out there. If you want to really fix something, you work with them. So, when they offered, I hopped on board.

A box of the cream was given to me and it was off to Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists where six weeks of once-weekly treatments were received and I applied the cream every night and every day.

So, yes, I would say that it works.

I wanted to show the process because, honestly, I love my stomach like this. It’s not a choice everyone would make or even can make, but the option is open to everyone. The Body Tightening Concentrate amped up the results of the treatment on a level that is really incredible. So, if this is something that bothers you, I’d recommend trying it.

I will never again have a flat stomach. I know that and I’ve come to peace with that. It doesn’t matter what I do, the washboard abs I had in my twenties will never be there again. But, the body confidence of knowing that my skin has some of the resilience it needs to hold everything in place makes me feel better about things, in and outside my clothes. For me, that’s really all that matters.

But let’s hear it, xoJane readers: Would you ever have a treatment to tighten excess or loose skin? Are you firmly against such things? Let’s hear it the comments below.