This Horrific Sex Ed Book Is Teaching Girls to Fear Gay People and Short Skirts

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May 7, 2015
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We’ll be among the first to have a LOL at vintagey sex ed materials that now seem hilariously out of touch. Like this one from a public school in New South Wales, Australia, which tells girls to quit it with lust-inspiring skirts and excuses boys from all responsibility. Except, uh, it actually isn’t so funny, because it’s actually still being taught. In public schools. In Australia.

Here’s the obligatory slut-shaming sartorial rant from Teen Sex by the Book, informing girls that wearing short clothing isn’t just ungodly but so unfair to all the horny boys:

So how is this thing still being taught? Because of something called the Special Religious Education (SRE) curriculum for secondary public schools in NSW, which provides teens with religious by “authorized representatives of approved religious groups.” As Pedestrian points out, 86% of those groups are Christian denominations. State schools are normally prohibited from pushing religious beliefs, for very obvious reasons.

Teen Sex by the Book has now inspired the wrath of sexuality education professional Deanne Carson. Carson has undertaken a critical analysis of the book, rightly condemning it for “promoting negative gender stereotypes about sexual desire,” “promoting ‘purity culture’, where the only acceptable expression of sexuality is within a Christian marriage.” She also wrote that it “introduces false information about the ‘success’ of ‘reparative’ (conversion) therapy for LGBTIQ+ youth,” and “reinforces messages that lead to ‘victim blaming’ of sexual assault survivors.” The book even knows how bullshit the book is, referencing reputable sources alongside bullshit ones to make the latter seem legit.

Carson concludes:

“While ‘it is not intended to replace sex education’, it is undeniably being delivered as sex education. Unlike sexual health education delivered by schools and independent external providers, it is only ‘includes some scientific information but is not entirely scientific in nature’. This analysis will argue that the content being delivered is, at best, contradictory to the current NSW sexual health curriculum and best practices in teaching sexual health. At worst, it is discriminatory and contains content known.”

NSW lobby group Fairness in Religion in Schools are now campaigning to have the book pulled (and hopefully burned.) Australian politician John Kaye adding that Teen Sexy by the Book is “dangerous stuff” that inspires “real consequences” for young adults.

Hopefully this POS is pulled ASAP before it does more damage than it has already. At least the future generation is #blessed to count kids like this among its number.

[Pedestrian via Deanne Carson]

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