Sorry Racist YouTube Commenters, Bi-Racial Families Are Really Happy And Really Cute

Biracial babies have cuteness on lock.
Publish date:
May 31, 2013
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I never really thought about being bi-racial until I had to read this book in middle school called "Half and Half." There was one story in the book written by a father expressing his anger that his son was going to have to grow up mixed race (or, that's how my 13-year-old self remembers it). He was really REALLY upset about it. He went on for a few solid pages about his fear that manifested into anger.

Then, I became angry.

Who the FUCK was this guy? I was a beautiful mixed baby and I was totally fine. Right? Right.

Until that one summer afternoon on Long Island, I had never thought anything of the fact that my mom was white and my dad was black. It just never occurred to me. Now this stupid fucking dude in this boring book I had to read for school was telling me I had something to fear, that I was going to be hated for something was about as strange to me as having been born with fingernails.

As I got older, of course, I grew to understand. There are ignorant hateful bigots in the world and there is nothing he, I or anybody can do about that.

I’m going to chill on my anger for a second and say something that may well piss a lot of people off.

Biracial babies have cuteness on lock.

We just are really cute. I mean, look at me:

I know, it is pretty fucked up. (I also know saying all biracial babies are cute is racist in its own special way but that's not the racism I'm going to fuck with in this post. So slow your roll because we are trying to get to the love part.)

Because also cute is this kid in this new Cheerios commercial:

I mean, COME ON. This kid is out of control cute. And this representation of a mixed family is the first that I could relate to on television in a long time.

Of course though, SOME ignorant bigots on YouTube don’t see the almost unbearable amount of adorable. They see her parents, who are of different races. And they had enough to say about it that Cheerios had to disable comments on that video.

I’m not crying.

I’m not crying.

My parents are awesome. They took care of me really well. They really love me and didn’t fuck me up at all. They look like this:

Yeah, they are really fucking cute, too. The fact that they are cute has nothing to do with them being great parents. They were good parents because they fed me, clothed me, told me when I was being a little asshole and filled my childhood home with EPIC amounts of love. They also tell really good jokes.

They never really addressed the fact that I was different. It is not like one day they sat me down and told me that the majority of families don’t look like us. It didn’t need to be said.

However, I DO remember very clearly reading the anger of that young father and the fear he had bringing his son into a world where there were people who would hate him by virtue of the fact that he was mixed race.

As it turns out, looks like he was right to be a little angry. Because if people can hate FICTIONAL bi-racial families, they are obviously capable of hating real ones. I know where I stand though. I was a really happy, really cute, really loved child and the only people I have to thank for that are my parents, and they look like this: