The Sophie Lancaster Foundation: Support Your Local Freak

Publish date:
December 9, 2011
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I was a giant freak in high school. “Oh hey, girl with the baggy pink pants under the half-cut black dress over it, nice cowhair platform boots.” That’s me! Anyway, ask pretty much anybody I went to school with (I know some of you read this, comments!), if they didn't hate me they were slightly scared of me. Either way, I got picked on quite a bit. I could go through the ugly details, but I’m not here to talk about my bummer of a high school career. I’m here to tell you about Sophie Lancaster, somebody I learned about from our new ‘office manager’, Courtney. (more about her later.)

On August 24th,2007, Sophie Lancaster died from the injuries sustained when she and her partner Rob were attacked by a group of teenagers two weeks earlier. They weren’t targeted,for something they did, but because, in the eyes of their intolerant attackers, they were “different.” The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was founded by Sophie’s mother Sylvia in order to promote understanding of subcultures, and to lobby for a change in hate crime legislature, specifically the addition of a clause to protect those who participate in alternative subcultures. The foundation’s primary goal is to raise awareness of alternative subcultures through training courses that deal with bullying. They also created an amazing board game to purchase that teaches people about tolerance and understanding of subcultures.

Along with Courtney, Kelly Cutrone is also a huge supporter of the Sophie Lancaster foundation. Kelly speaks highly of the foundation’s mission to, “ [stamp] out prejudice, hate and intolerance everywhere and the only way were are going to do that is with love and compassion”. Kelly is the brand ambassador for Illamasqua, which is pretty much made for freaks, and it’s fucking fantastic. Look how beautiful these faces are!

They remind me of an amazing 1920’s Berlin burlesqe on acid. I am terrified of makeup, but the theatrics of this whole brand get me pumped. Go get it, and then put it all over your face. Then send me pictures!

Back to Sophie Lancaster. What happened to her is absolutely devastating and unacceptable. Please go to the site and donate $5 dollars, spend your money there instead of buying that extra stocking stuffer for so-and-so this year. It’ll feel better, and hopefully eventually all of us freaks will not have to live in fear of being picked on, bullied, beat up, or in Sophie’s case, killed. This freak is asking you for support.