there is good news we can heal r selves
Publish date:
December 24, 2014
Rosie O'donnell, Stephen Collins

i met him first in 97on my show –he was promoting 7th heavena show i watched

because catherine hicksfrom ryan’s hopethe best soap opera ever on televisionalso starred in it

stephen was on my show many timeswe spoke often about TMhe introduced me to it in factback in 97

i practice TM daily20 mins in the am20 in the pma mantra –

i pray

stephen is an artistpottery – ceramicswe had a show togethermy paintings – his pottery


the event was a successstephen sent me a potters wheelthe week after –so sweet

i learned how to throw potslike himi liked hima lot

stephen collinspriestly – handsome – artistic – kindstephen collinsmarried 29 years

and now here we all r

they showed me the clip in the morning20 secondsthats all i could watchof his apology tour

katie couric was r guesti was sure she was gonna do 2 himwhat she did 2 sarah palinhit him with his truth

right between the eyesexpose him for who he was“what newspapers do u read sarah?”she saved us all then

this timeshe didn’t


in 1973 –he was 25 years oldi was tensame age as his first victim

he took the hand of 10 year old girland used it to jerk himself off

as a childwho was used in similar waysby a man i trustedevery cell in me remembered

“we both just sat there – we didn’t move a muscle”

uummmmm –after u came on the kids hand – u mean?stephen …right?

u are not equalsshe was an innocent childa baby girlu have a daughter for gods sake

were u able to resist the urge to touch her ?how noble …



in case u wonderwhat ur man sized penis –ur abuse of powerur lack of impulse control did to that kid

i will tell u a bit about me

sex is not funnot nownot everit is married to a lingering terror

joy evaporated

my body became my enemyi would not love ittake care of ittreat it well

it had betrayed mecaused such pain and humiliationi did not want 2 feel2 know

like many survivors of childhood sexual abuse

i became obese

Obesity Action Coalition » Sexual Abuse and Obesity

i have struggled with severe depression

Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse: Depression And Other Mental Health Conditions

i have anxiety disorders

Effects of CSA on the Victim

shame confines me

Into the Light: sexual abuse – support info and resources

i bet stephenthere is a 52 year old woman – like mesitting in her housestill frightened

her perspective skewedby uur casual lack of accountabilityfor her and for me

has wounded usonce againu –stephen collins


u r an archetypeas is bill cosbypedophile / rapisthow dare i

how dare i not ?

a hidden narrative none wishes 2 be part ofyet we all participate in


there is good newswe can heal r selvesRAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network


“Not To Blame”

The story hit the newsFrom coast to coastThey said you beat the girlYou loved the mostYour charitable actsSeemed out of placeWith the beautyWith your fist marks on her faceYour buddies all stood byThey bet their fortunesAnd their fameThat she was out of lineAnd you were not to blame

Six hundred thousand doctorsAre putting on rubber glovesAnd they’re pokingAt the miseries made of loveThey say they’re learningHow to spotThe battered wivesAmong all the womenThey see bleeding through their livesI bleed–For your perversity–These red words that make a stainOn your white-washed claim thatShe was out of lineAnd you were not to blame

I heard your baby sayWhen he was only three“Daddy, let’s get some girlsOne for you and one for me.”His mother had the frailtyYou despiseAnd the looksYou love to drive to suicideNot one wet eye aroundHer lonely little graveSaid, “He was out of line girlYou were not to blame.”


Reprinted with permission from Rosie.com