UNPOPULAR OPINION: Your Pit Bull Belongs in a Zoo

If I save one life from writing about this issue, that would be the greatest reward to ever come from my pieces on xoJane.
Publish date:
September 30, 2016
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I walked to the entrance of my friendly neighborhood dog park with my furry best friend, Kermit. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. But it was completely empty.

This was weird.

I started to get an eerie feeling. I had felt this feeling before. "Oh," I thought. "Something must've happened." A few minutes later someone passing by told me what I had already figured.

There had been a murder. Except not by a human. By a pit bull that attacked another dog and ripped it to shreds. The blood was still on the ground. I couldn't believe this had happened. AGAIN.

The owner had brought that same dog to the park every day for years. He was a sweet dog. He was cute. He was trained. Same old story. But his personality changed in an instant.

This isn't shocking to me because this happens everyday with dangerous, violent, aggressively natured animals. Unfortunately this is the THIRD time I've heard of this happening near my apartment and STILL pit bulls are walking the streets.

In 2015 pit bulls killed 24,000 dogs, 14,000 cats, and 33 humans. Are they still cute to you?

Pit bull owners are furious when I bring this up.

On Facebook, I recently posted a survey that said that pit bull attacks have increased 773 percent since 2007. "In a 30-year study of dog attacks in Canada and the United States, 3,394 people were attacked by dogs in a fatal and disfiguring manner," another reads. Sixty four percent of those attacks were from pit bulls and pit bull mixes. After posting this information, pit bull lovers decided to lash out at me, call me names, and attack my character. Call me crazy, but don't these attacks seem a little vicious to you...kind of like a pit bull?

Seems to me that many pit bull owners are aggressive themselves. They don't listen to the facts. Just admit it, your dog might possibly turn on you and kill people. They are absolutely strong enough to do so. I don't care how cute your dog looks in a sweater. (By the way, the people that think pit bulls are cute are out of their minds in my opinion.) The statements "they're cute" or "I have a good one that's trained" both mean nothing to me. The point is they're animals and could attack innocent people, including young children.

What's this to me? Why do I care? Well, I have a small dog and I am an aunt to two nephews. That's the main reason I care.

It pisses me off when people don't know the facts about these strong, aggressive dogs that are very, VERY dangerous. I've heard the ridiculous argument that "all dogs can turn on you." True. But most dogs aren't built to kill. If a yorkie goes nuts and bites you, it doesn't matter. You won't even need a Band-Aid. If a pit bull goes nuts and bites you, you might not survive.

Need more facts? Need pictures? Need proof? It's all out there for you. The statistics don't lie. I've seen leading pit bull education websites warn pit bull owners, "Never trust your pit bull not to fight." Violence is in their DNA. It's just a fact and I don't care how many Twitter eggs or Facebook friends disagree with me.

Even with all these facts, there are some hard-headed people that want to argue and defend their animals. That's fine. Maybe yours won't be the one next to kill. Maybe you'll be lucky. But statistics show, this keeps happening, more and more every single year. In April 2016, a 66-year-old woman was mauled to death in Florida by her best friend, a pit bull mix.

Come on, already. These dogs belong in a zoo, if that. Putting a pit bull in a zoo is like putting Charles Manson up in the Ritz Carlton, but even pit bulls deserve luxury sometimes too. (I guess.)

Again, I am aware that writing this is going to put me in the line of fire with pit bull owners. But before you attack, please go and look up the facts first. Read about the woman in Florida. Her name was Sonda Tyson. Read about the children, the babies, and the small animals that have been killed by this breed. You think your dog is nice to you now, but he could flip out and kill you, a loved one, or a stranger. It's really in your hands and all the training in the world will not change the fact that these animals were built to kill.

If I save one life from writing about this, or change one mind, that would be the greatest reward to ever come from my pieces on xoJane. It's absolutely despicable to me that one person is killed by a pit bull every 14 days, two people are injured by a pit bull every day, and young children are especially at risk.

This MATTERS. Let's protect our communities, families, pets, and other loved ones. I will now go back to writing stories about my gynecologist, my new romper, and selfies.

Need more info? Don't care what I have to say? Here's some more statistics and disturbing facts.