Overweight Women Get Fat-Shamed Three Times a Day

To those who think shaming overweight people will “inspire them” to change, you’re dead wrong.
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July 16, 2014
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It doesn’t matter who you are: if you’re a woman, people feel entitled to comment on your body. Whether it’s “Nice ass!” or “Wow you’ve lost weight!” most women don’t go a month without someone commenting on her appearance. But if you’re an overweight woman, you can expect to get a whopping three comments a day.

It’s true. A recent study published in Journal of Health Psychology followed 50 overweight and obese women, keeping track of every rude comment they received on a daily basis. On average, each woman got shamed three times a day with comments and experiences like this:

Teenagers made animal sounds (moo) outside of the store.

The dentist was worried I might break his chair.

I was told what a bad mother I am because I can’t set limits as to what my son or his friends eat during sleepovers, because I can’t even control myself.

With friends at a baby shower I went to McDonalds first so people wouldn’t look at me eating more than I should.

Boyfriend’s mother denied me access to food, also stated that I was so fat because I was lazy.

My ex-boss looked at me several times in a restaurant but acted like he didn’t know me. I worked for him for 5 years but he always hated fat people.

Spent the day gardening – realized with this survey how much time I spend alone.

That sounds incredibly miserable, like being in an eternal middle school. And I have a sneaking suspicion that if we didn’t base women’s worth on their appearance, this wouldn’t happen. To those who think shaming overweight people will “inspire them” to change, you’re dead wrong. Basically no good comes from being a jerk. In fact, as Science of Us points out, such persistent bullying can really affect people’s mental and physical health. So let’s all stop it with the fat-shaming already.

Reprinted with permission from The Styleite. Want more?

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