I'll Try Anything Once: I Said Money Affirmations Three Times a Day For a Week and This Is What Happened

Publish date:
October 27, 2014
money, affirmations, personal finances

As a lifelong working-class Negative Nancy, I’m always looking for ways to improve my income. Besides working at my full-time job, I do as much freelance work as I can for my side hustle.

My lived reality coupled with my sociological training mean I understand that you can’t just wish your way into more money -- there are very real barriers in place that thoughts alone can’t dispel or dismantle. And yet I also can’t shake my belief in the power of affirmations.

I used to think they were a big crock of shit, but I changed my tune when they helped make the homebirth of my daughter totally manageable. I can say with total confidence that birth affirmations helped me move past sheer terror to confidence that birth would be just fine.

I immersed myself in birth affirmations, spending every free moment of my work day listening to them, but I decided on a less intensive plan this go round. I decided to test the power of prosperity affirmations by reading, writing, and reciting them three times a day -- in the morning, at lunch, and at bedtime.

I was especially excited for this experiment because my family and I are finally moving, in my father’s words, from the outhouse to the penthouse (meaning from one of the poorest, crime-stricken spots in the city to a solidly middle class neighborhood). It took some convincing to get the place since my credit is so bad (the result of defaulting on student loans) and my fiance’s income is so low (the result of him staying at home to care for our daughter) -- but I have to trust that if the universe provided me with this house, it will provide me with the extra money necessary to pay for it. We have enough money saved to make up the difference for a while, but I want to see what prosperity affirmations can do when I apply them.

When it comes to general affirmations, I’ve always been partial to the Grand Dame of self help, Louise Hay. I regularly check her website for daily affirmations, so I decided to check out her prosperity affirmations. A basic search for “Louise Hay Prosperity Affirmations” gave me everything I needed: a short and sweet list of nine affirmations with a longer one to close it out. These include:

● I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.

● Today is a delightful day. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

● I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my finances reflect this change.

● I delight in the financial security that is a constant in my life.

● I am open and receptive to all the wealth in the Universe.

● I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.

● I now receive my good from expected and unexpected sources.

● I am an unlimited being accepting from an unlimited source in an unlimited way.

● In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. I am one with the Power that created me. I am totally open and receptive to the abundant flow of prosperity that the Universe offers. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask, I am Divinely guided and protected, and I make choices that are beneficial to me. I rejoice in other's successes, knowing there is plenty for us all. I am constantly increasing my conscious awareness of abundance, and this reflects in a constantly increasing income. My good comes from everywhere and everyone. All is well in my world.

Af first, I felt silly even reading -- much less writing and saying -- things like “I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me” because, although my expendable income has varied from none to very little throughout the course of my life, I’ve never had anything even close to financial prosperity. But as I continued along, it felt less and less silly and more reasonable -- even truthful -- to say and think such things.

They began to feel more like statements of fact, rather than hope. The affirmation that really helped bolster my confidence and believe positive change was imminent was “I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking.” I looked up “poverty thinking” and learned it’s a mindset that inadvertently works to maintain poverty, because you focus on what you lack (“I can’t afford that” and “I don’t have the money for that”), as opposed to what you want.

This one, in particular, reminded me of the progressive sense of peace my birth affirmations brought me. When I first began birth affirmations, I was so terrified that even simple statements like “I am focused on a smooth, easy birth” sounded impossible -- yet over time, they helped me create a new reality where those thoughts edged out worry. In the simplest terms, they did this because they became what I thought of, rather than what I worried about.

While I stuck with my three times a day goal, there were other times I recited or read the affirmations, particularly when I was feeling anxious about money (which is pretty much all the time to varying degrees). Rather than make me laugh, reading, thinking, and writing, “I delight in the financial security that is a constant in my life,” brought me great comfort because I believed doing those things was helping bring them to fruition. I’ve long struggled with insomnia on account of my inability to quiet my mind and worries, but I found reciting the affirmations at bedtime helped me calm down and quell my worrying enough to fall asleep.

Although nothing special happened every day of this experiment, a few cool things did happen. On day three, I found a dollar in the elevator at work. On day four, a coworker offered to pay me to cook and bring lunch to her during the week because she always loves the way my lunch smells -- talk about an undeniably cool new avenue of income! Most exciting of all, on days two and six, I got three paid freelance writing gigs -- the sum total of which is enough to make up the difference between our old house and our new one! I can’t say whether or not the affirmations caused me to get those jobs, but they did help me muster the courage to pitch them. I think affirmations are just like the 12 steps: They work if you work them.

For as seemingly hippy dippy as they are, affirmations are incredibly powerful. I’m pumped to say that I not only find myself more confident about my financial future, I know that affirmations help soothe my worries and relieve my anxiety. They’re like prayers without all the dogma. My plan is to keep working all my hustles and affirmations and hopefully, like the Jeffersons, I’ll keep moving on up.