What Things Do Men Call You?

Some real things men have actually said to me on the Internet.
Publish date:
November 8, 2011
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While most trending topics on Twitter have the emotional depth of a bag of Cheez-Its, yesterday's #mencallmethings is actually stirring up an interesting conversation. Started by Sady at Tiger Beatdown, the #mencallmethings hashtag is a way for women on the Internet to expose the "virulent, hateful misogynist abuse" we face just for speaking our minds.

Don't get it? Check out some of the REAL comments I have really received from Internet mouthbreathers over my years as a blogger.

1. I wish i could meet you, and slap you across the face.

2. What was done to you is now being done to others because your words have titilated men beyond self control. Self gratification is no longer enough for them, and thanks to you and your careless posting of sexual content, another child is raped. Another family is destroyed.

3. I hope you get AIDS.

4. I am going to chop your mom's p**sy up into little bits and make you eat them.

5. Why is a woman I wouldn't sleep with trying to give me advice?

6. Obviously you are just an Anti-Semitic whore.

7. I want a woman that is attractive. Sorry Emily, you don't fill the bill, you are not attractive.

8. So exactly how many guys have you screwed that you don't even remember?? Congrats on being a complete and utter waste of space, aside from, you know, catching strangers spunk inside your uterus. You are officially untouchable to any normal, sane, guy now. Congrats.

9. Could they have found anyone any uglier than Emily to do this story? I'm sure she's never seen a penis in person.

10. This is why people don't respect feminists.

11. Daddy must be so proud of his little whore. Can he even kiss you on the cheek? YOU ARE TRASH.

12. Get aother girl to do these she is fat and ugly she looks more like a man then a woman.13. Nobody cares what you have to say about stuff. Your job is to take cock and STFU. You are a cum dumpster and when we want your opinion we'll give it to you. Capiche?

14. Why is it that the UGLY "women" are always protesting the kink and the gorgeous ones are out there doin it?

15. Nobody cares what a slut thinks. Therefore this entire post is irrelevant. oh, and your a slut

16. How anyone that has done this can even let the rest of their family look them in the eye is reprehensible.

And these are just the ones I managed to dig up in an hour-long trip down memory lane. And while some of these seem almost funny in retrospect (someone wants to make me eat my mom's genitals, ya'll), all of them hurt at the time. All of them made it a little bit harder to put myself out there the next time I had something to say. All of them put me in the position that every time I have a new article idea, I have to ask myself if I am willing to take the potential abuse it may bring.

And yes, people of both genders take shit online. But the specifically sexist and sexually threatening nature of the comments received by women seems both more prevalent and more intense.

But the really scary part, for me, isn't the abuse I receive online. It's the fear that online trolls, safe in their anonymity, are just saying what everybody else is really thinking.