Even if You Hate Hillary Clinton, Voting for Her Is Better Than Having a Jackass for a President

We need to suck it up and vote for Hillary Clinton — the only person standing between us and the apocalypse.
Publish date:
May 19, 2016
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Well, it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the Democrats' nominee for President. I am not giving up on Bernie Sanders since Mother Nature has clearly anointed him as her choice via bird. I do not scoff when he talks about the United States having a socialist welfare system similar to Sweden. Yes, we have a larger population but, we also have more billionaires, I think could work it out somehow. However, I am just closer to thirty than twenty and thus I am perpetually preparing for the worst, and I honestly do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I remember voting for Obama when I was twenty-one. I felt like I was doing something good for my country. I was voting for someone I really believed in, an option my older brother did not have in the last election. That probably will not happen this time though, so we need to suck it up and vote for Hillary Clinton.

I think she may be the only thing standing between us and the apocalypse.

The future...*shivers*

I remember another politician who was supposed to run our country like a business. President George W. Bush was a failed oil company executive turned governor. I did not really notice him when he was elected in 2000. I was thirteen at the time and I was figuring out all the thirteen-year-old stuff. I have since learned that at the beginning of his reign of terror, Bush was considered a lame duck president who nobody thought would fuck up that bad. He quickly proved everyone wrong by turning the Clinton surplus into a deficit in a year! The passing of the Patriot Act meant America was no longer a place of privacy or freedom really. Worst of all, when I was I fifteen watched the bombs fall on Baghdad and realized they were hitting people.

In this country, we have a tendency to say we vote based on morals, but really we vote for who we personally like — whomever makes it us feel good to vote for — as if voting is supposed to be a fulfilling experience, like walking a labyrinth. It's not.

You are supposed to vote for the person who you think will do the best job running your country. The person who doesn't vote for Hillary Clinton because she accepts money from pharmaceutical companies is just as misguided as the person doesn't vote her because she is pro-choice. There are just bigger issues at stake in this election. If we throw away our votes on a long shot third party candidate we will be selfish screwing over the entire human race for no reason.

There was a Hillary Clinton when Bush ran for president in 2004 too. It was secretary of state John Kerry, I knew we were in trouble when the media started focusing on his demeanor, and the attractiveness of his wife. The Democrats struggled to decide whether to frame him as a moderate experienced senator or military medal throwing away activist. The election still came down to the wire, according to The Election Project twenty percent more people in the 18 — 29 age group voted in the 2004 election, it was still not enough.The day after Bush was reelected, I spent the entire day in bed. I did not know what plans our new corporate overlords had for our country, but my stomach was tied in knots any way.

Over the next four years, the mood in our country seemed to shift. Americans acted as if they were willing to give up any right as long as the government promised safety. Even as, what they were protecting us from became an abstraction. (It turns out the real threat was legalization of assault rifles) We never found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, my generation now had to contend with the fact that people we went to high school with died for a lie. In 2006, we all had to watch helplessly as the government waited days to help the survivors of hurricane Katrina. I remember going to an Arcade Fire concert in Atlanta in two thousand seven. When Win Butler sang, "I don't wanna live in America no more" everyone cheered, and that was in Atlanta.

I know that we working class of this country deserve more than just the lesser of two evils. We are the ones that keep the great wheels turning while these rich fucks sleep on expensive sheets. I also know that an election is a numbers game. If not enough people vote for Hillary Clinton we will end up with Trump as our president. That cannot happen, the next president may get to choose as many as four Supreme Court justices. We have a chance to insure rights for women and minorities for the next decade. This election is also critical for our foreign policy. If our European allies turn against us, we will be forced to ally with regimes like the Chinese government and countries ran by whatever dictators we are still propping up. The health of our planet depends on us too, fuck not getting to see a polar bear, scientist are not sure our grandkids will get to see London,it might be under water.

Sometimes doing what is right is complex thing, sometimes it is not immediately gratifying. I hope for President Sanders, I want my younger siblings to see that things can change for the better. That America is still a place where people come together to solve big problems. I will however take a pantsuit wearing autocrat who at least has the intelligence and experience to run our country over a pulsating boil whose vision includes wall-building and, I don't know, boobs or something.