A Record Company "Joked" That DJ Gear For Women Had a Stove Burner In It Because Ladies Belong in the Kitchen, Right?

Yes, this is seriously happening in 2013.
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September 24, 2013
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As women in dance music, we feel it is not just our responsibility but our obligation to address the sexist photo that Spinnin’ Records posted to its Facebook and Twitter pages. For those who have not yet seen the image:

For those who aren’t familiar with DJ gear, a CD-J is the equipment we use to spin our music at live shows. The photo is of a CD-J rigged up to look like a stove burner, and Spinnin’ calls it “a CD-J for women.” The implied women-belong-in-the-kitchen message wasn’t lost on us.

Hundreds of angry comments and tweets poured in following this post. Spinnin’s response? Defending itself:

Fifteen hours later, Spinnin’ posted this lackluster apology:

And what did the owner of the label have to say about the photo?

One of the biggest labels in dance music thinks it can post sexist and offensive material that demeans women, under the guise of humor, and they think they can post it without consequence. This is indicative of a much larger problem.

In our three and a half years together as The Jane Doze, we have not only witnessed but also been the target of sexism on numerous occasions -– in live settings, in professional settings, in digital settings. And it is worth noting that the perpetrators are not exclusively male. Attitudes from females in the dance music industry have also reflected the pervasive sentiment that women are less capable of making or spinning music. Festival billings and remix opportunities are just two examples of the many situations in which these attitudes manifest.This incident has brought to light the rampant sexism in music. We’re proud to use our platform to speak up, and we’re grateful for the support of our fans. Male and female. We’re all fired up. And we need to make the general public aware, too.We especially appreciate our friends who have already reached out to offer their support:Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob, DJ/producer: “This whole thing is infuriating. Yes, it’s a joke, but it highlights the intense sexism that has ruled EDM for far too long. It’s supposed to be peaceful and accepting but it’s just another exclusive boys club. This type of thinking hurts people and it hurts the music.”Sophia Bush, actress/activist: “DJs make music. They don’t play with their anatomical parts…Can’t wait to see The Jane Doze crush their next set, boobs and all.”Emily Greener, co-founder/executive director of I Am That Girl: “The good news is, we live in a time where this is far from okay and our voices are getting louder and louder. Loud like the amazing music our DJs spin (men and women). Loud like the thumping heartbeats of people with a passion to change the world. Change it into a place where ‘jokes’ are actually funny and not at the expense of any group of people. So listen up.”It’s about respect, equality, and above all: music.


Reprinted with permission from The Jane Doze tumblr account.