IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Sent A Text That My Boss Is A Dickhead To My Boss

It really feels like your life is over when you text your boss that he is a dickhead and then find a two-week-old tampon inside of you.
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July 11, 2013
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Think about the nastiest, most disgusting, vile thought you have ever had in your brain about a person you strongly dislike and picture your future with that person after you expelled that information. It is not very pretty and the consequences are going to be ugly.

I learned the hard way to double-check exactly who I am texting before I press the send button.

I was a small town pizza waitress working with a total of 10 co-workers, so there is going to be big drama. The owner of 20 years had recently moved to Greece and sold the place to a new boss, who had less experience working in a pizza place than any member of the staff.

The new boss made changes that neither the customers nor employees liked. The pizza sauce was now partly canned, the prices increased, the large portions of food shrunk, the unique soft serve ice cream disappeared, and so did the regulars.

The staff was treated with disrespect from a boss who only wanted to talk about World of Warcraft and check his iPhone instead of worrying about the satisfaction of his customers. A total of 5 people had walked out in the past year.

Forms of disrespect that I had experienced included: Being told to go fuck myself because my cell phone was resting in my tip basket in front of customers, being told that I have the intelligence level of an elementary school child because those are the customers that visit me, being told to fuck my pussy in Greek, being told I’m stupid, being told I’m too skinny, being told I’m too short, being told that I am an animal, being asked what planet I came from, etc.

It is very hard to write down an order when your vision is blurry because you are holding back tears.

But I had grown to love my customers and so I tried to make nice with my boss. I got through it by venting to my BFF, who was always willing to listen and understood exactly what I was going through.

One day, I texted my boss to ask if we were open on the fourth of July. He replied with a snarky comment that might as well have been followed by "you dumb bitch."

So when I sent my BFF the news we could now celebrate the fourth of July together, I quoted his snarky comment and added "DICKHEAD lol" after the quotation marks.

I copied and pasted the quote to my friend thinking it was sent to MY BFF but nope, I was dumb and sent it right back to my BOSS you know, the dickhead.

I then continued typing to my "BFF" *ahem, BOSS* about all the rest of my workplace drama.

Basically, I told her that my BOSS said that the chef that walked out on him after 17 years had been stealing because the register was perfect that week he was gone. I suspected a waitress had sticky fingers because she was making $50 more than me in a smaller period of time and with fewer tables. I expressed this in my text I sent to my BOSS again, accidently.

A few minutes later I received a text from my BOSS asking what that meant. I wanted to DIE.

A few minutes later, I sat up from the lady’s room and found a tampon in the toilet that has been inside me for over two weeks and thought my dreams of dying would come true. It really feels like your life is over when you text your boss that he is a dickhead and then find a two-week-old tampon inside of you.

There is no undo button in the iPhone world. There is no way to hit un-send and stop the mess that you have created. The only thing to do is to own your mistake and express your true feelings to your dickhead boss and leave.

The next night, I knew what I had to do. I decided to receive my final under-the-table pay for the previous week, and quit.

“Hey, John! I would like to talk to you when you have a minute.”


John continued taking out pizza and handling the cash register. Once the two customers left the pizza place, my boss rudely told me to talk to him that second, carefully avoiding eye contact.

“I would like to get paid and I am also quitting."

John said, “That is fine.”

As my boss roughly handed me the money, I decided just to leave the pizza place where I have been serving regulars for the past three years. There was so much that I wanted to say but could not bring myself to speak.

I wanted to tell my boss that the text was an accident, that I suspected one of the waitresses of stealing and that I was very unhappy with the way that I had been disrespected in the past year. Instead, I took my pay and left.

Later that night, I decided to take a hot shower to relax. When I looked at my phone, I had received a very unfriendly voice mail from the waitress I suspected of stealing.

“Hi, Sandy. I know you know this is me and that is why you didn’t answer. I just wanted to know why you said what you said and I think you are a fucking coward for not answering the phone. If you have the balls to talk that much shit about me behind my back, you should have the balls to say it to my fucking face, you little stupid pig!”

I thought about calling her back, but ultimately I felt it would not be worth the effort to make my boss and former co-worker understand.

Please tell me someone else has accidentally sent a regrettable text message to the wrong recipient? Or quit a job after something humiliating happened?