I'm In A Wheelchair And A Stranger Refused To Help Me Out

I would never ask for help unless I absolutely needed it, but I did.
Publish date:
September 22, 2014
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It's been awhile since I've had to personally experience the dark side of humanity, but it happened just this week while sitting in one of the white-washed aisles at Walgreens. I needed something from way up on a top shelf and couldn't reach it from down low in my wheelchair. I debated MacGyver-ing a contraption with nearby materials to get my prize, but then quickly reconsidered after thinking about how much time this may take compared to my odds. It's more likely the object will fall to the floor, even if I'm lucky enough to flip it onto my lap first. So I did the next best thing. I rolled to the end of the aisle to seek help, and without hesitation asked the first person I saw, a tall 50-something wearing a red baseball cap and stone-washed jeans.

"Excuse me, sir. Could you please help me get something from the top shelf over here?" I asked.

"I don't work here," he snapped.

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