I Hate My Weird Feet, Plus 7 Chic Shorter-Heeled Shoe Options

A guy put his hand next to my feet and said, "Yo, you got some long toes, can I get a high five?" I haven't been the same since.
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April 29, 2014
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I’ve always been self-conscious of my feet. In high school, the guy I had a crush on sat right in front of me in my photography class. It was almost summer, so sandal weather was in full bloom. I was wearing my Adidas slip-ons (which are oddly making a comeback because they are part of the “normcore” trend) and my crush dropped his pencil and picked it up right next to my foot.He laughed and said, “Yo, you got some long toes, can I get a high five?” He put his hand up next to my feet. I haven't been the same since.

I stopped wearing sandals to school and can barely wear them in public without thinking everyone is looking at my feet. It didn’t help that I was at Venice Beach a few years ago and a creepy guy came up to me asking if he could photograph my feet for his “website.” Yeah, right, your website. I would’ve been less offended if he'd just straight-up said, “Yo girl, I like weird feet, can I take a picture so I can masturbate to yours later?”I’m not going to post a photo of my feet because they will totally end up on Wikifeet or some other weird fetish site and haunt me forever. (Oh cool, just searched my name on Wikifeet and I’m already on there. Gonna go walk into oncoming traffic, brb.)

The answer to the question, “If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?” is ALWAYS my feet, but I usually say something corny like, “My nose is kinda asymmetrical, so maybe that I guess?” I don’t like people touching my feet, let alone looking at them. It takes a while for me to not wear socks around guys I date because I’m so worried they’re not gonna stop staring.Here’s what my feet look like in socks:

I was born with a bunion. I hate saying bunion. Let’s never say bunion again, OK? So, my feet have that stupid bump, and it hurts, a lot. I never wore heels when I was younger because I was already tall and I hated being taller. Now, I love them, but I can’t wear them for more than an hour without experiencing awful pain. When I have to work in showrooms 8 hours a day constantly changing shoes and standing in heels, it's awful. My feet actually go numb by the end of the day.

ANYWAY. I wear a ton of shorter-heeled shoes, so here are my picks for those of you who love walking but looking like you're still kind of wearing heels:

I like these because they are similar to the $1,300 Chloe boots. The heel is only 1.75 inches, but they have enough of a chic look to accompany a fancy outfit:

I've owned quite a few Steve Madden boots and they've always lasted a long time. These are really awesome:

These remind me of Alexander Wang boots, but MUCH cheaper, actually, they're on sale for $39! Yay! The heel is only 1.5 inches too:

I love Loeffler Randall boots so much, and these are very similar but WAY cheaper than the Fentons:

TopShop is always my go to for cute moderately priced shoes. They have some really cute pink boots on their site:

Another one of my favorite websites to find shoes is Zappos Couture. The shipping is always fast and cheap, and they have brands like Marc Jacobs, Vince, and Kate Spade.

My daily outfit consists of jeans, a hoodie, a leather jacket and my favorite sneakers on the planet: Golden Goose. I own 3 pairs of them and I love them more than anything. My last pair has lasted over 3 years, and I would still wear them every day but I felt the need to be an adult and get shoes that didn't make me look like a broke teenager. Whatever. They're comfortable and I love that they're made to look worn in.

Not gonna lie, they're stupid expensive, but I also love these cheaper fancy high-top sneakers:

Also, here's a cool email I got from some random dude last year:

Does anyone else get really awful pain from heels? I've spent hours reading about bunion (sorry I said it again) surgery, but I'm also hesitant to not be able to walk for 6 weeks during the healing process.