6 Easy Tips To Conserve Water That Are Sexier Than Not Flushing The Toilet

It's time to bring sexy back to saving water.
Publish date:
September 4, 2014
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In case you weren’t aware, southern California is in the midst of a pretty serious drought. The Washington Post recently reported that the western region of the country has lost more than 63 trillion gallons in the last 18 months, with California feeling the brunt of that loss.

The media and politicians have urged residents to change their ways, resulting in a (very) slight decrease in water usage. But it’s not enough. At this current rate, Los Angeles will be out of water in less than two years, according to a LA Times op-ed. That’s a new level of thirsty, folks.

The problem may be that the powers that be aren’t giving Californians very enticing options. Perhaps "If it's yellow, let it mellow" just isn't doing it for the Hollywood types. It's time to bring sexy back to saving water. So here are six super sexy ways to conserve water.

Dual Showers

Telling you to take quick showers is one thing. But army-style cleansing isn’t the hottest thing going these days. Why not condense your household shower time by inviting your boo-thang to shower with you? You’re both using the same output of water, you can help each other reach nooks and crannies to speed things up, and you’ll get so hot and bothered that you’ll jump out of the shower and straight into the bed. Just remember: No sex in the shower; that would defeat the purpose.

Sponge Baths

Love taking baths? Sorry, that’s out. All of that water to fill the tub -– up to 70 gallons -– is better used elsewhere. However, a quality sponge bath with the help of your one and only (or one of many) might do the trick. You'll at least have a good time getting pampered.

Hand-Wash Your Undies

Eliminate a load of laundry and hand wash your unmentionables. It’s actually better for the delicate fabrics AND a water saver. To dry them, hang them neatly where your beau can see. It will remind him what they look like when you’re wearing them. And then what it looks like when they’re on the floor. And then…

Host A Bikini Car Wash

Just like back in the day when you were fundraising for school trips, a car wash is a fun way to get your friends together for a good cause which, this time, is conserving water. Now that we're all adults, don your favorite bikini and encourage your friends to wear their favorite swim wear and come to this wash with dirty cars and pool ready. Work together to reuse soapy water and to go easy on the spraying. Guys in board shorts and gals in bikinis is hotter and, if you’re careful, you can use less water than the typical drive-thru car wash, which uses ten gallons of water per minute.

Get Your Garden Drunk

When a drought is in full effect, you can say good-bye to those lush, green lawns. If you live in an apartment and have a smaller garden of plants, you can do your part to conserve water, too! Host a get-together with friends and make sure there is plenty of wine; the more bottles the better. Be sure and save the corks! The next day –- or the next night if you're not feeling quite yourself in the morning -– use a drill to create a small hole in the center of each cork. Next, clean the bottles, refill them with water, and replace the corks. Stick a bottle cork-first in each potted plant. Just like that, your plants will be able to drink as much water as they need, instead of you having to drench them unnecessarily.

Sprinkler Shame Your Hot Neighbor

Have you noticed your hot neighbor? OK, of course you have. But have you also caught them using more than their fair share of water lately? That’s bad for the environment, but could potentially be good for you. March your sexy self right over to them the next time you see them allowing excess water to cascade without restriction and lay out the facts mentioned at the beginning of this article. They’ll realize you’re smart, plus they will realize you're pretty and environmentally conscious. Next, offer to teach them how to conserve water, starting with a few of the options on this list.