This Disgusting Fox News Contributor Thinks It’s Funny When Women Suffer And Die Alone

Because really, what's funnier than some slut bleeding to death from her vagina, right?
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July 17, 2013
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I value my eyes. I make every effort not to find myself in a situation where I want to rip them out of their sockets. That’s why I have a pretty strict policy of never watching anything having to do with Fox News and their merry band of morons.

Sadly, sometimes life does not go as planned and things like this force their way into your line of vision:

That’s Fox News contributor and wannabe stand up comedian Erick Erickson gleefully crowing about the measures desperate women will be forced to resort to after Friday’s passage of House Bill 2, an omnibus anti-abortion bill in Texas that many agree will close most of the state's 42 clinics that currently provide abortion services.

I’m not sure what’s more revolting -- the fact that Erickson thinks women suffering and dying is somehow HILARIOUS or the fact that 136 idiots retweeted him within an hour of it going up. There’s also the small matter that Erickson is clearly an ignoramus who thinks you could successfully perform an abortion with a plastic coat hanger.

The vendor he linked to,, fired back at Erickson almost immediately.

Erickson has since deleted the offending post -- but not before offering up the most half-hearted of half-hearted "apologies'" OF ALL TIME:

“I must offer up my sincerest apologies to the kid killing caucus that took it on the chin or other body parts in Texas last night. After days on end of abortion supporters in Texas holding up coat hangers and then, yesterday, throwing feces, urine, and tampons in defense of killing kids, I tweeted out a link to a coat hanger wholesale store.

The kid killers were offended.

I am so sorry. I forget that feminists and other pro-abortion activists really are as humorless as they are stereotyped to be. In the future, I promise I’ll remind myself constantly you people really believe throwing tampons and raising coat hangers can stop the will of the people who overwhelmingly support prohibiting late term abortions. And I will act accordingly. In the meantime, again, you have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realizing I was mocking you and your outrageous hyperbole and lies."

Yeah -- except for the part where NOTHING was thrown at ANYONE in the Texas Legislature on Friday night. Not only were tampons confiscated from menstruating spectators entering the senate gallery, reports of “jars of urine and feces” being collected by officials were proven to be patently untrue.

I’d like to take a moment to point out that the account Erickson used to post his wish to see women die happens to proudly and prominently display the fact that he is a contributor to Fox News.

My personal Twitter account states that I am the clothes editor for this very site you are reading -- which means that anything I post there reflects directly upon What I choose to say matters. It's a powerful responsibility.

Do you think Fox News is proud of their little underling and his death wish for women right now? They haven't commented otherwise, so I'll have to assume the answer is a solid YES.

Erickson is the same man who recently suggested that the assorted women fighting for their bodily rights in Texas should “sit down, shut up and make him a sandwich.”

His sandwich joke is SO stupid that it renders itself inoffensive.

Not content to leave well enough alone, Erickson took the whole thing a step further on Monday with a post on (where he is editor-in-chief) entitled “Coat Hangers, Hysteria, and Hyperbole in the Cult of Death”, wherein he posits that:

These people have indoctrinated an entire generation of young feminists into believing the horrors of back alley abortions, which is more legend than reality.

The number of women who died from illegal “back-alley” abortions was often said to be in the thousands. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Vital Statistics, there were only 39 women who died from illegal abortions in 1972.”

Nice try dude, but that number is for ONE YEAR ONLY -- and the World Health Organization actually estimates the number of women in the world who die from complications of unsafe abortion each year to be 47,000. Deaths due to unsafe abortion represent close to 13% of all maternal deaths.

But let’s play along with Erickson’s little game for a moment. Let’s pretend Erickson’s number is actually correct and the total number of women dead from unsafe abortion is in fact only 39. Of course it’s "ONLY" 39 women. They’re just a bunch of dumb sluts, right? They are not really people -- just numbers! They don’t even have names!

But sometimes they do have names. And actual lives. And within those lives are heartbreaking stories.

I present to you the case of Gerri Santoro, a 28-year-old woman who was found alone in a hotel room in Connecticut on June 8, 1964, dead of a botched self-induced abortion. When the maids discovered her body, she was nude, on her knees, facedown with her buttocks in the air. She had towels in both hands and one under her vagina, all of them soaked with her own blood.

Santoro’s lover, Clyde Dixon, fled the scene and left her to die when the abortion they attempted to perform with tools and instructions from a textbook suddenly went horrifically wrong.

Police photographed Santoro’s body, and the resulting crime scene photo was eventually published in Ms. Magazine in May of 1973, 5 months after the U.S Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade. It's a terrible, powerful reminder of what came before women were allowed access to safe, legal reproductive care.

(If you choose to click that link, I will to warn you in advance -- it is horrifying and stomach churning. The photo of Santoro’s corpse is intensely brutal, heartbreakingly forlorn and chillingly desperate. It will crush your soul and remove any doubt from your mind as to whether or not anti-abortion laws are designed to KILL WOMEN in the most terrible, gruesome of ways.)

Erickson’s suggestion that us broads “can’t take a joke” is nothing more than simple hate speech against women. Guess what, Mr. Erickson: not only are you not AT ALL funny, our bodies are not a joke. Our lives are not a joke. Our deaths are not a fucking joke.


Gerri Santoro's lifeless body is what shame, stigma, and a lack of access to health care looks like for desperate women. It looks like death. It looks like a woman doubled over, alone, on her knees as the blood rushes from her body and she is powerless to stop it. It looks like a woman who knew she was dying even as she fiercely tried to stop it from happening.

How long did it take for her to bleed to death? Minutes? Hours? What was she thinking? That the man she loved and trusted had left her to die alone? And what went through her children's minds when they were forced to view that heart-stopping photo of their freshly dead mother years later? Totally funny, right?

Gerri Santoro was not just one of Erickson's "only 39 women." She was someone. Someone’s sister. Someone’s lover. Someone’s mother. Someone’s friend.

I DARE Erick Erickson to look into the eyes of the 2 daughters Santoro left behind and tell them that the gruesome death of their mother was "more legend than reality" and is somehow “worth mocking.” (Yes, those quotes are HIS EXACT WORDS.)

I wonder if he could actually do it. And then I really begin to wonder: how is it that this man still has a job?

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