Worried About Women's Access to Safe Abortions? Here's 7 Service Providers and Advocates You Can Donate To

As Planned Parenthood fights attacks from all sides, they and other groups that provide and support abortion services could use your financial assistance.
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August 4, 2015
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On Sunday, the latest undercover expose video attacking Planned Parenthood ejaculated itself across the Internet, spurring yet another round of right-wing glee and resignation from the left. Aside from being very craftily edited and transparently based on baiting Planned Parenthood personnel, these "gotcha" vids are likely also illegal, which is why they're under investigation from California's Attorney General, Kamala Harris. Investigators at RH Reality Check, which has been covering the situation in depth, also believe that they may be the result of a coordinated campaign on the part of right-wing GOP politicians.

These shock videos are being used to directly hit at funding for organizations that provide abortion services, offer grants to cover abortion care for low-income people, or support abortion access in the US. Organizations like Planned Parenthood, of course, offer a huge array of reproductive and sexual health services, all of which are under threat because of these carefully-orchestrated videos, but the right is obviously trafficking on abortion as an argument to defund Planned Parenthood — an issue that hit Congress (again) on Monday. Suggesting that we defund organizations that provide breast cancer screening doesn't go over well in the media, while saying that we need to put a stop to babykilling and the death of precious preborn children does.

Planned Parenthood spends around three percent (yes, 3%) of its budget on abortions, preferring to dedicate monies to sexual and reproductive health like STI prevention and treatment, pregnancy prevention, and, gosh, prenatal care and referrals. Any donation to Planned Parenthood would provide financial assistance with an array of reproductive and sexual health services, which makes it a good thing — especially since the organization provides a primary point of care for millions of low-income patients, especially low-income patients of color, making these videos an effective war on the poor.

But if you specifically want to help people access abortion services in response to these scurrilous and hateful videos, because abortion will always be a necessary medical procedure and people should always be able to access it from well-trained providers in a safe, compassionate environment, here's where you can send your funds. These groups either directly provide abortions, offer funding to help cover abortion care for patients who need it, provide training and education for care providers who want to offer abortions, or advocate for abortion access in the U.S. and around the world.

Consider this your opportunity to spend some hard-earned fuck you money.

Planned Parenthood

This one's a gimme, obviously. Even though a vanishingly slim amount of your donation will be used for abortions, you're doing a great service by donating to Planned Parenthood. Plus, you're issuing a giant raspberry to conservative wankers who think that they can bring down reproductive justice in the United States. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood's website is down as a result of attacks, but you can still donate online or call 1 (800) 430-4907 to donate.

Medical Students for Choice

Many medical schools don't provide abortion training in their curricula, or offer only limited training. Medical Students for Choice wants to change that, destigmatizing abortion and ensuring that future reproductive health providers are able to offer safe procedures working with the latest information and tools.

There's a serious shortage in trained providers, which isn't just bad for people seeking elective abortions to terminate unwanted pregnancies — D&Cs and related procedures are also necessary for patients who experience miscarriages, and lack of access to providers can threaten their health, future fertility, and even their lives. Donate online to Medical Students for Choice here.

Women on Waves

This is the badass organization that sent out a drone to Poland to protest the country's very restrictive laws on abortion. Women on Waves provides advice to people self-performing medication abortions in nations where it's illegal, carries out abortion services on ships anchored in international waters, and refers patients to a service that can help them access abortion pills. Donate to Women on Waves here.

National Abortion Federation

This professional organization represents abortion providers across the United States, setting standards for abortion care, offering legal assistance, and performing advocacy work to keep abortion accessible. The organization filed an injunction against the Center for Medical Progress to block the release of any video material obtained by attending NAF meetings and other events, citing safety concerns, and received a temporary restraining order pending a full court hearing.

The judge stated that: "Based on the record before me, I find that NAF is likely to prevail on the merits of its claims, the balance of hardships tips in its favor, NAF would be likely to suffer irreparable injury, absent an ex parte temporary restraining order, in the form of harassment, intimidation, violence, invasion of privacy, and injury to reputation, and the requested relief is in the public interest." Donate to the National Abortion Federation here.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

One of the oldest and most established reproductive rights organizations, NARAL fights on multiple fronts to preserve access to abortion care. While NARAL does not directly provide abortion services, it does lobby politicians to promote access to abortion rights in addition to participating in electoral politics to support candidates with good records on protecting freedom of choice in the United States. Individual state affiliates also perform regional work that addresses specific issues they're facing. Donate to NARAL here.

National Network of Abortion Funds

This organization provides direct grants to low-income patients who cannot afford abortion services. The cost of abortion in the United States, even medical abortion, can be prohibitive for some patients, and no one should have to compromise their health, or their lives, over a few hundred dollars. Patients seeking assistance with abortion costs can explore regional abortion funds on the organization's directory. Donate to NNAF here.

Your Local Clinic

Local clinics are typically short on funds. You can donate to a general low-income health care clinic in your community or specifically seek out an abortion clinic, and in both cases, you'll be promoting access to health care for low-income people in your community who might otherwise struggle to afford it. Make sure to avoid Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

This is only the beginning of a roundup of resources, featuring some of the most high-profile organizations protecting abortion rights; add your recommendations in the comments!