Your Election Reaction Selfies

And because we refuse to dwell on the negative, what are we going to do now?
Publish date:
November 9, 2016
HIllary Clinton, 2016 Election, Donald Trump

When Marci and Jamie came to me with this idea for this gallery yesterday, one of my concerns about it was that it would just be a bunch of smiling and celebratory pictures like this one, which I took after getting home from very confidently voting yesterday to illustrate my point:

I also wondered what any of us or you could say in five words about Hillary's victory that could be meaningful or inspiring or differentiated from what everyone else would say. I thought the results might be predictable and repetitive.

And then, as we were all talking on the thread about this story last night, while watching election results come in, with plenty of you posting shots of yourselves downing multiple beverages of choice, it went more like this:

And this morning, on three hours of sleep (with TV on whole time), looking into the camera to take a selfie just feels like the dumbest idea ever and so not what this is about and my eyes won't even cooperate:

Devastated is the only word I can summon right now. I will sturdy myself and come back with more though. Meanwhile, I want to hear what more-productive responses you are devising. Let's fight. Let's make a plan.

Send us your reactions of any sort to this election, whether you took them last night, this morning or just feel like reacting right now. Your photos and your thoughts — long or short — are welcome here and will be shared in this gallery.