I Paid for (Almost) All My Furniture by Selling Panties on Craigslist

Selling panties on Craigslist is nothing new, but I made unbelievable bank.
Publish date:
May 1, 2016
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I'm a normal girl. I have parents who would die from shame after reading this article. I have a full-time job that pays my rent, bills, and leaves me enough for an occasional brunch. But I'm also a normal girl who hates asking her parents for money. I'm a normal girl who makes too little at her full-time job compared with what she paid for college. So when I needed to furnish a new apartment, I turned to strangers on Craigslist whose panty fetish could support my financial setbacks.

Once upon a time, I had a bunch of furniture that I paid for with money earned over time. Eventually, I moved in with my boyfriend and most of my furniture ended up on the curb. He had a queen-sized bed; I had a twin. He had a full bookshelf with eight high-shelves; I had a heavy antique bookcase that was more decorative than book-friendly. He had a couch; I had a studio in which that twin-sized bed was the couch. It just made sense to keep his furniture.

When we broke up, my conscience wouldn't exactly let me ask him "by the way, can I have your bed because I do not have any furniture of my own?" I'd already broken his heart; I didn't want to steal his stuff.

A few days after I'd decided to move out of his place, some friends and I were talking about being poor and the idea of selling panties on Craigslist came up. I can't remember who broached it – I think it could have been me? I pressed it along like, "haha isn't it crazy girls do that? how crazy? is it crazy? would you judge me for doing it?" The group's response was unanimous: DO IT. Free. Money.

Before I ever posted my first ad, I decided the money I made from selling my used undies would go to luxuries only. I did NOT want to get in a situation where I started counting that money when I figured my income because I didn't want to become dependent on something that could get me in sketchy or uncomfortable situations. But for out-of-the-ordinary expenses, like furnishing a brand new apartment and padding my bank account after putting down a security deposit, panty-money was a perfect solution.

First things first — I needed a bed.

The first message I posted to Craigslist was simple and flirty, something like "Hi! I am cleaning out my panty drawer – too many undies, what a problem lol! If you want some cutie's used panties, email me xoxo!" I got about 100 responses within 24 hours. Of course, a good majority of them were guys that wanted something more — there were plenty of messages like "how about I buy those panties from you and then we have sex? I am STD/HIV free"— and a bunch of guys that just wanted pictures of me wearing the undies without purchasing the merchandise. But I did get real responses.

That first week, I made $550 dollars. I met one man in the ritzy part of town (I traveled to his place for deliveries because he had an eight-year-old daughter) for $75 a pop. One guy, a busy med student, bought a pair and then, impressed that I was as pretty as the photo I sent him, insisted we go on a real date next time. That was another $75. Another man bought in bulk, getting three brief-cut white basic panties at a time, and wanted to meet in front of American Apparel because he thought it was the sexiest store ever = $200. One guy bought an old t-shirt and two dirty pair of socks along with two panties. Another $200.

With this money and a little bit of haggling at the mattress store, I got a queen-sized bed delivered to my new apartment the same week I moved in.

Over the next several months, I continued to meet the guy with the daughter, the guy who loved American Apparel, and the guy who bought panties and socks (along with another guy who gave me a $25 tip, but then sent me pictures of his mediocre dick) and continued to fill out my apartment. Soon, I'd purchased a couch, table, bookcase, desk, a stand for my record player, a fancy litter box house for my cat, decorations, perfume, and yes, ironically, new lingerie to replace the old Target-brand panties I had been selling.

Now that my apartment is stocked and I'm all settled in, my panty-selling days have slowed down. I hardly ever post on Craigslist, and I find the barrage of unwanted date-requests and dick pics more trouble than it's worth. I still meet with a couple regulars who'll pay good money for something I'm still shy to bring to the laundromat but I basically only use my panty-income to buy luxurious, spoil-myself things like a sushi dinner with friends, Bare Minerals makeup, and overpriced first-pressing records.

Selling panties is something I'd definitely recommend to girls in need of a few (hundred) extra bucks – WITH stipulations. The money doesn't come in all at once. It took months to get enough money to fully furnish my apartment. If you've got rent due on Friday and it's Tuesday, this isn't the way to go. Other (obvious) things to remember: It still can be dangerous. Unless you actually want to sell more than your panties, never agree to meet a guy at his house or let him come too close to your place. Basically, I made guys meet me at a coffee shop with a lot of witnesses (or, in front of a busy American Apparel, because fetishes are weird).

BUT (butt, har-har) if you need some cash in addition to what you earn through normal means, consider this the next time you're about to throw out that old pair of Victoria's Secret five-for-$25 undies.