Covering the Coverage: Newsy Awesomeness JUST FOR YOU

Your weekly roundup of newsy bits and pieces includes responses to the shutdown and "WTF" reactions to Rick Owens' Paris Fashion Week show.
Publish date:
October 6, 2013
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Hello, dear reader friends. Welcome, once again, to our weekly roundup of newsy bits and blurbs you might have missed while you were busy apple-picking and drinking pumpkin spice lattes last week. What did we miss? What have YOU been talking about lately? Tell us, please, in the comments section below.

  • The insane government shutdown made everyone a little -- or a LOT lot -- testy last week. In this awesome video, Senator Elizabeth Warren lays it down and does the absolute opposite of mincing words. Like I said, it's awesome. Watch it. Also on the shutdown front, W. Kamau Bell took the time to explain the whole she-bang with the help of Destiny's Child and the Jackson 5. Check that out here!
  • NYC unveiled a program to help improve girls' self-esteem. WE LIKE THIS. WE LIKE THIS VERY MUCH.
  • Blogger Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous spelled out why she's done with using the term "allies" when discussing anti-racist work.
  • Should the fashion industry just give it up and stop trying to diversify? Bloggers at Threadbared say yes, please. Well, kind of. They took designer Rick Owens to task for his Paris Fashion Week show that they say "represents a continuation of the same hierarchies of race and power that make it possible for a famous white designer to request that predominantly young Black women serve up 'a routine that embodie[s] viciousness' for a mostly white audience."
  • Sinead O'Connor wrote a weird open letter to Miley Cyrus shaming her for being ... something? Too sexy? Too slutty? Eh? No one really knows what was going on with that, but people are having lots of opinions about it. And oh, wait. Now Sinead is threatening to sue Miley for M's snarky tweets in response to S's snarky letter. Eek.
  • Wendy Davis is running for Texas governor! How excited are you about this? I am incredibly over-the-top moonie-faced crazy-thrilled excited. Davis, as you surely remember, became the lady hero to beat when she filibustered a seriously anti-choice bill in the state Senate in June. For 13 hours. Standing up. With no breaks. LADY HERO. Don't tell us you didn't think about buying those iconic sneakers afterward.)
  • Um, this sh*t is just ... weird. But great weird. Definitely great weird. Two college students, Christie Sims and Alara Branwen (not their real names) are making bank writing none other than ... dinosaur erotica! Maybe that should be my next professional goal? Yep, I think so.

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