Covering the Coverage: Newsy Bits ALL FOR YOU

Here's a little roundup of things that happened in the lady-news world last week. Including Malala's big honor, Marissa Alexander's new trial, and James Franco on "The Mindy Project."
Publish date:
September 29, 2013
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Hello there, and welcome to this week's edition of your Sunday roundup of newsy bits and blurbs. This here is our exciting little retrospective of things that went on in the lady-news world last week. Please discuss in the comments section! Here goes.

  • Marissa Alexander, a Florida-based African-American woman currently serving 20 years for firing one warning shot at a wall in an attempt to scare off her estranged husband, will get a new trial (she won't be able to use a "stand your ground" defense, however). FINALLY. Thank God. Critics of Florida's "stand your ground" law have argued that the state's justice system is biased against black defendants, and from what I've read, I'd have to agree with them.
  • Former high school teacher Stacey Rambold got released from a Montana prison after finishing a paltry 30-day sentence for child rape. You might remember Emily's story about it? The disgusting and seriously sad case centered on Rambold's rape of Cherice Moralez, a 14-year-old girl who later killed herself.
  • A new contest wants creative types to come up with a clever, compelling way to "rebrand feminism" -- for a $2000 prize. It's garnering some confusion and backlash; as Flavia Dzodan wrote, some of the potential issues include "the commodification of political action as a 'brand,' the reward for individuals that promote said 'brands,' consumer culture in lieu of critique, the promotion of values that empower only a small sector of women who can pay money to consume products..." Though the contest's creators mean well, it's such a broad and complicated subject; too complicated to tackle in this manner, methinks.
  • A new TV show in England is ruffling feathers -- called "Sex Box," the show will feature couples (both straight and gay) doing the nasty in front of a live studio audience. The twosomes will do it inside an "opaque, soundproof room," and each romp will be followed by a panel discussion of experts. Sign me up! Just kidding! Ew!
  • On Friday, Malala Yousafzai was honored as Harvard's humanitarian of the year! This is pretty effing cool, no? The 16-year-old Pakistani girl made an impressive recovery after being shot in the head last October by Taliban militants, and since then she's been blowing everybody's socks off with her smarts, passion, and tireless dedication to activism. Go, Malala! Well-deserved.
  • Melissa Gorga really didn't appreciate people (um, like me) claiming that her asinine-sounding new relationship advice book promotes marital rape. She told E! News, "My book is about mutual respect with your partner, for one another. It's about honesty, it's about loyalty, it's about making your partner first in your life. Where that word comes into play, to me, is awful and disgusting, to be honest with you." Whatever you say, Melissa. WHATEVER YOU SAY.
  • Was James Franco's character raped on "The Mindy Project" last week? I didn't see the episode, but apparently his character, Dr. L, was blackout drunk when a woman made a pass at him; they apparently had sex he didn't remember afterward. A writer from Bitch magazine wrote about the storyline being a clear example of male rape, because no one can consent to sex while blackout drunk. Thoughts or feelings?