Anti-Racist Poster Campaign Helpfully Reminds Us Not to be Jerks on Halloween

It turns out even over-the-top "funny" costumes can hurt people when they rely on racist stereotypes to get a laugh.
Publish date:
October 25, 2011
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A few of us here at xoJane have done battle with the complicated issue of problematic or downright offensive Halloween costumes over the past few weeks. Well, a small student organization at Ohio University has done us one better with a series of posters drawing attention to the issue of "humorous" racism so common this time of year.

Ohio University's STARS (Students Teaching About Racism in Society) group -- which consists of ten people according to the Tumblr of the group's president -- has put together a straightforward, thought-provoking, and memorable campaign to point out the critical connection between racist costumes and racism against real people.

It's a lot harder to write off stereotype-based Halloween costumes as "good fun" and "harmless" when we can see how they affect actual individuals. Big ups to the STARS kids for being that small group of people with the power to help change the world, and for being willing to start a conversation very few people want to have.