Innocent people who mean well are dropping clothes, shoes, and purses off in donation bins without realizing that they're contributing to someone else's profits.
Internalized misogyny is big in conservative church cultures.
In my 20s, I had an abortion in a Massachusetts clinic before the protection law was in place. It was like going to the doctor in a war zone.
unpopular opinion
It's not that I don't love animals -- I do. I just think the resources spent on animals that will never be adopted could be better used elsewhere.
By adding in spikes to discourage “dangerous” or “unsightly” people from hanging around, private property owners are actually discouraging everyone from lingering, which –- ironically –- probably makes the areas around their property inherently less safe.
At our very first end-of-the-year exam, I was told that my grade had been lowered due to the size of my butt. (I was 10.)

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you are the advice columnist
That time I forgot my Prozac and then went to spend four days with my family.

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seasonal affective disorder
Do I have some kind of reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Once upon a time, I might have clicked “Like” on that offensive Tourette's joke. But that was before I had my own Tourette Syndrome scare.
i fucking love science
Because of the casual disregard for informed consent that these researchers showed, we have no idea if they or others like them are conducting more studies like this.
neighborly love
I have promised to take care of three kids for 10 weeks, and I am barely getting paid.
unpopular opinion
Here’s the thing about comedy; It’s just trying too hard. Instead of making me laugh, it makes me uncomfortable. I feel sorry for the people who are working so hard to get a positive response from me the audience. I’m embarrassed for them.
trans issues
Like most trans people, I’ve had to be strategic and creative in piecing together my transition.
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She always has a way of turning it around and making it seem like I'm at fault for needing or desiring sex more often.
Did that kale in the fridge mold when you weren't looking? OBAMA.

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melissa mccarthy
People interested in social justice often have a way of fetishizing the causes we think we’re supporting in a way that furthers the problem.
The feeling in the courthouse was of generosity, selfless love. I've never wanted to hug so many strangers.
hobby lobby
I have to say, I didn't expect to be quite so moved.

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disability rights
I think the concept of riding a bike is as metaphoric as you can get here. It shows that the idea of putting one foot in front of the other and asserting oneself in order to move forward is universal -- not just applying to the momentum of a thing on wheels.
you are the advice columnist
He said he never felt this type of connection with anyone before; not even with me.
hobby lobby
writing the other
Earlier this month I had the honor to teach at a week-long Writing the Other workshop and retreat. It was great.