Whoopi Goldberg Launches Line of Cannabis Menstrual Relief Products

All of it looks quite soothing and comforting.
Publish date:
April 1, 2016
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Thespian, comedian, and EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with celebrated cannabis infuser, Maya Elizabeth, to launch Whoopi & Maya, a beautifully packaged line of medical marijuana menstrual relief products.

From the website:

When the legendary Whoopi Goldberg decided to follow her heart and take a leap into the medical cannabis market, she went looking for the best ingredients, the best medicine and the most talented infuser she could find. Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles since 2008, has won seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and enjoys a growing reputation as one of the best creators of medical cannabis products in California. The two women hit it off from the moment they met and quickly decided that the Whoopi & Maya Synergy would begin with a Signature Line of medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort. As you will see, they have succeeded spectacularly.

Soak, Savor, Rub & Relax… with Whoopi & Maya.

The line currently features four products: an epsom salt soak that comes in three fragrances (lavender, amber moon, and fragrance-free), a raw cocoa nib spread (available with either THC or CBD), a topical pain-relieving balm (which contains both THC and CBD), and a THC tincture (which may be dripped under the tongue or added to your beverage of choice).

According to the company's Instagram, it seems that the products will only be available at California dispensaries.

All of it looks quite soothing and comforting but, as a self-proclaimed bath connoisseur, I am most curious about the soak and the balm. I often enjoy an Epsom salt soak during that time of the month (and honestly, like twice a week every other time of the month), and would be curious to see what the addition of cannabis could do. (I'm a pretty big newbie when it comes to pot, so I have no idea what kind of or how high this would get you, but I would think it would need to be pretty chill?)

Obviously, I'm pretty curious about this chocolate business too. Though I've never found an edible that I've truly enjoyed the taste of, but I'm willing to try anything that Whoopi Goldberg refers to as"divinely delicious and decadent medicinal treat." (Related: there is also a pot-infused Nutella type product, but it is only available in Canada.)

What say you, dear readers? Is this something you'd like to try? Have you ever used pot to relieve period pain before? What would your spread that chocolate stuff on?