Which Cleanse Diet Should I Do?

My body feels really bloated with caffeine, sugar, nicotine, wheat and exhaustion. I need help.
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August 9, 2013

We write a lot about cleanses here, and I've done the occasional one here and there, but they're not something I necessarily recommend.

It's better to be sensible with your diet regularly, right?

Well, sure, except lately, I can barely get through the day without multiple coffees, Red Bull, candy, electronic cigarettes and other crap that is giving me short-term bursts of energy and relief but no longterm relief or momentum.

Not to mention I look like hell. Acne, a puffy sugar-face and an overall unhealthy pallor.

I need a cleanse. And I need one fast. Which is why I'm turning to you. Do you have one you like? Do you have one that you've done that has really worked for you?

I've outlined a few that I'm thinking about doing below. Tell me if you've had any success!

#1 Blueprint Cleanse

Cost: $65-$195Duration: 1 to 3 days



  • Every morning drink room temperature or lukewarm filtered water (or as hot as you can tolerate) with fresh squeezed lemon
  • 3 days beforehand: Phase out meat, especially red meat. Suggestion: Have a meal of lightly steamed/poached fish with a green salad. Cut out dairy, starches, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • 2 days beforehand: Eat green salads, brown rice, sweet potato
  • 1 day beforehand: Eat only raw or lightly steamed veggies

During Cleanse:

  • Drink the juices in the numbered order(1 to 6) leaving at least one hour between each juice.
  • Drink herbal tea and water between meals and whenever else you want to.
  • Finish the last beverage two hours before you sleep.


  • Follow the precleanse in reverse.
  • Slowly start to incorporate starches, dairy, gluten etc. back into your diet.

#2 Clean Cleanse

Cost: $425Precleanse: 3 daysCleanse: 21 daysReintroduction: 7 daysDuration: 31 days Method:


  • Eat three solid meals from the Cleanse Diet list of approved foods and accompanying recipes included in the kit for three days, prior to starting your cleanse.

During Cleanse: For 21 days

  • For breakfast have a Cleanse Shake with your choice of ingredients from the Cleanse Diet list. For example, you can add hemp milk or greens to a shake packet.
  • Have a solid meal for lunch from the Cleanse Diet list
  • For Dinner, do the same as breakfast.
  • With each meal take Cleanse Supplements and a Cleanse Pro-biotic pill.


  • If It went well and you want to continue to cleanse, you can extend your cleanse a week at a time for up to three weeks.
  • If you are ready to stop the cleanse, reintroduce a regular diet that includes dairy and gluten slowly according to the Cleanse Diet guidelines.
  • Record bad reactions to foods and eliminate or modify them in your diet.

#3 Suja Juice Cleanse

Cost :$54-$270 Duration: 1, 3, or 5 days



  • Prior to starting your cleanse, being to eliminate coffee, alcohol, dairy, red meat, sugar, white flour, and bread.
  • Begin to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet. This will make the cleanse easier.

During the Cleanse:

  • On the morning of your first day, drink a warm glass of water with lemon or acv.
  • For Breakfast drink the green 'Glow' juice.
  • During mid morning drink the 'Fuel' juice.
  • For lunch drink the 'Purify' juice.
  • In the mid-afternoon drink the 'Fiji' juice.
  • For dinner drink the 'Green Supreme' juice.
  • For desert have the 'Vanilla Cloud' juice.
  • If it recommended that you stick to only juices during your cleanse. However, you are allowed to have a light snack such as half an avocado or a sweet potato.


  • As with all cleanses, ease back into eating normal food again.
  • Try "gentle" foods such as smoothies, soups, salads, veggies, and light, steamed proteins.
  • Use each meal to slowly re-introduce heavier foods into your diet.

They all sound great, but I'm not sure which works the best. Have you tried any of these? Have you tried a different one? What do you like the best?


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