Watch This Jazzy and Comprehensive History Lesson on Tampons

Fight that stigma.
Publish date:
November 3, 2014

Depending on your level of comfort with tampons, you may or may not secretly conduct all tampon transactions with your friends as though you’re scoring drugs.

But if you always wanted to know the history of the way we cork ourselves monthly, a new video today has arrived on the wings of a carefree sanitary napkin. It’s the inaugural episode of Fusion’s “Mansplainer” series, and they’ve kicked things off with a splash. The tampon legends, which date back to Ancient Egypt, are actually interesting, as is the up tempo jazz. You’ll even learn when tampon commercials were actually allowed on T.V., which will renew your appreciation for all the white capri pants we get to see.

And you should keep some on you at all times. This way, you’ll have less anxiety when your period happens and you’re wearing leather leggings.

Reprinted with permission from Stylite. Want more?

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