Tell A Gross Story About Tampons

I'll start!
Publish date:
December 9, 2011
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So I've pretty much decided to drop all my other job responsibilities and just become a full-time period blogger. (If Jane doesn't respond to this with a note, I'll take it to mean she's totally fine with this development.)

In light of my new job title, I should tell you that last night when I pulled my tampon out there was no blood on it at all and I was super-psyched that my period was OVER. But then I felt something weird down there -- another string. And I pulled on it and out came a second tampon, which apparently had been shoved up there behind the first tampon for God knows how long and it smelled AWFUL.

Gross, right?

It made me think of a story from one of my friends who had a tampon fall out of her vagina like a week after her period was over because she'd forgotten it was there and then had crazy sex and it had gotten crammed up high from all the repeated thrusting.

So gross!

Has this ever happened to you? Or something even grosser? And how bad did it smell? Do you think my boyfriend's reading this? If so, do you think he still loves me?