Smoothie Of The Week: Choco Loco

Warning. Only make and consume this smoothie if you want heaps of excess energy.
Publish date:
August 15, 2012
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The bear in the background is my boyfriend. Just ignore him.

No, but seriously, this smoothie should not be consumed in the afternoon if you don't plan to stay awake for ages and I would recommend sketchy people (like me) to drink this with caution because it's so freaking tasty.

To make this Energy Bomb you need:

Three cups of hemp/nut milk

2 tablespoons of heaped raw Cacao powder

1 tablespoon of raw Maca powder

Half a teaspoon of vanilla powder or vanilla paste

2 spoons of date syrup

Pour the milk in the blender first and then add all the powders. If you don't have date syrup you can use some other natural sweeteners like honey, agave syrup or stevia and then blend it all a few seconds. If you don't have a blender you can actually also use a shaker but then you'll get lumps. And nobody like lumps. Except if they're lovely lady lumps.

So what's so great and healthy with this smoothie you might ask? Well, cacao is not only something the former emperor of the Aztecs was obsessed by (I feel you Montezuma), it's also freaking awesome for our bodies. Cacao is known for its health benefits which heavily reduce the risk of getting diabetes (this obviously does not apply if you go out and buy a Snickers) and regulates the blood sugar.

The theobromine found in cacao is said to relieve depression and this would actually explain the "Break up + Chocolate = I feel a bit better" equation. Cacao is also a stimulant and it is therefore important to be aware that this affects people in different ways. If you're sensitive to caffeine you probably shouldn't consume too much of it since it can have the similar effects on your body.

Maca, the ingredient that will have you bouncing off the walls is a Peruvian root which has been consumed in South America for thousands of years. The ancient Inca tribes used to eat it to gain energy, virility and strength. It increases energy levels and it is also used to treat women with PST since it regulates hormone imbalances. So if you are having problems with mood swings and bloating it can be worth a try.

I need to be clear with the fact that Maca is quite powerful and it effects people differently. For me, it works awesome. I get a lot more energy and it calms me down mentally at the same time, but this is only my personal experience and you need to feel for yourself how different foods make you feel. Maca tastes like nothing else I've tried so I can't really describe the taste but its very ... earthy and warm. If that makes sense.

This smoothie has a lovely velvety chocolate taste and the vanilla really gives it that extra umph. I had a period when I would drink it right before going to the gym at six in the morning, and I would walk in and be like "I'm the king of the world!" before spinning around a dumbbell with one finger. Chocolate in the morning does that to you. Enjoy!