3 Super-Short Workouts That Help Me Not Lose My Mind

Something as simple as moving my body for a few minutes helps me not fall into a thought spiral.
Publish date:
September 7, 2016
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If I don't work out, my brain starts getting screwy. I get anxious. I feel like I'm not right, somehow. I thought-spiral. My thoughts become like one of those pennies kids put into those large yellow funnels, usually for charities or museum donations. Do they still have these, even? I feel like I haven't seen one in ages. You just watch the penny spin around faster and faster and until it drops and disappears into this black hole.

Welcome to my brain, ladies and gents, where thoughts spiral out of control and into dark places.

But. BUT! Working out seems to help control that thought spiral, which is great. Something as simple as moving my body helps me out so much.

Working out has been shown to boost your mood by stimulating brain chemicals that make you happier and more relaxed, which is all I ever want. Exercise also makes me feel strong. I feel capable and trusting of my body, and that translates into how I see the world and interact with everyday things in a better fashion.

Problem is, there never seems to be any dang time.

In order to get myself in a good place again, I worked with a couple of fitness-enthusiast friends, including a trainer, and we figured out a few quick under-10-minute workouts to do once or twice a day. Adding in these little bursts has helped me get back on track and led to running more and doing more intense workouts when a longer time frame allows.

I have a coworker who is super-into health and fitness, and that has helped me immensely. I need exercise buddies. I know myself, and I know I can have some trouble when left to my own accord, so it helps to have someone to help keep me accountable. So, every couple of hours throughout the day, my coworker and I step out and do a short workout burst.

Try it. I promise, it's quick and helps your mood immediately.

What You'll Need:

5-minute workout (burns about 30 calories)

1 minute of jogging in place or high knees

1 minute of push-ups

1 minute of jump squats or air squats, depending on ability

1 minute of Ab Carver Pro (10 carve center, 10 carve left, 10 carve right)

1 minute of jogging in place or high knees — or finish with 1 minute of jump rope

5-minute workout (burns about 35 calories)

1 minute of step-ups, or box jumps depending on your ability

1 minute of walking lunges or even jump split lunges

1 minute of push-ups

1 minute of side-to-side crunches (or Ab Carver Pro)

1 minute of squats or jump squats or burpees

7-minute workout (burns about 50 calories)

30 secs of jumping jacks

30 secs of wall squats

30 secs of push-ups

30 secs sit-ups

30 secs step-ups

30 secs squats

30 secs tricep dips

30 secs plank

30 secs high knees

30 secs lunges

30 secs push-ups into side planks

30 secs side plank left

30 secs side plank right

Do you ever fit short workouts into your day? Or do you prefer longer sessions? (How do you find the time?!)