PRO-CHOICE RIDE OR DIE: 10 Companies To Support If You're Pissed About The Whole Susan G. Komen Thing Today

Anti-choice groups HATE these 10 companies. Which means loves to love them!
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February 1, 2012
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Okay, first of all, I am flashing two "P"s (admittedly in the manner of gang-signing) above! For Planned Parenthood! Get it? (Sorry.)

This morning a coworker emailed me PISSED OFF:

Now this coworker is young and spirited and obviously of great feminist conviction and, most crucially in her defense, she didn’t know I’d be posting her email. So we can let it slide that she’s accusing the Dallas-based Susan G. Komen Foundation – the largest private charity dedicated to breast cancer research, and the company which founded the iconic Pink Ribbon in 1991 – of “hating abortion.” Which I doubt is actaully the case.

If you haven't read Marianne's take on the issue here on xoJane, click here. Then come back to me.

So… How do I feel about all this?

On the one hard, I’m pro-choice -- ride or die!

On the other hand, we don't know the full story. And I respect -- as I respect a person's choice to be anti-choice -- an organization's choice not to affiliate themselves with Planned Parenthood. Yes, even when that organization is a leading women's health charity, and Planned Parenthood provides mammograms and other breast cancer screening... Wait, no -- now I've changed my mind again! Arg.

(Do I respect a company's choice to give money to pro-life organizations? Sure, but I wouldn't support those companies even if we were all in hell together and they were selling coke and Vueve Clicquot. I'm talking to you, Curves Fitness!)

Even if we are hearing the whole story -- that the Susan G. Komen Foundation yanked funding for Planned Parenthood because of political pressures from the Right wing and anti-choice organizations -- well, I also say that this organization has done huge things for breast cancer research, and we shouldn't dismiss them or accuse them of being anti-women's health.

When it comes to collecting and distributing breast cancer research funding, the Komen Foundation is hugely prolific. The charity has raised and distributed almost $2 billion for breast cancer research, education, advocacy, health services and social support programs in the U.S. since its inception in 1982.

So what I guess I'm saying is: Am I disappointed in the foundation? Sure.

But I'll continue (especially in my role as a beauty editor; the Komen foundation does excellent work with beauty companies) to promote its endeavors.

As ever, you are welcome to disagree. Who knows -- in a few hours, I may re-think things and disagree with myself! Who knows?

What I do know all about are the companies on the pro-life organization S.T.O.P.P.'s ("STOP Planned Parenthood") "The Boycott List," a document which you actually have to order and pay for -- silly pro-lifers; that's no way to spread your message! -- but which also has been released in pieces, with limited information.

From that released information, I've garnered that the following are companies that pro-choicers should be supporting. Because these companies (allegedly) do still support Planned Parenthood -- and to that I say, SWAG ON!

Let's go:


Who knew that when you were enjoying a delicious never-ending bowl of pasta at Olive Garden that you were also donating money to support women's health? Same goes with another Darden restaurant: Red Lobster! Here, have a coupon.


Fact: Aspirin is also fantastic crushed up on pimples and ingrown hairs. Another fact: Bayer also makes delicious Flintstone vitamins and less-delicious Alka-Seltzer and Midol ("For Relief of Your Menstrual Symptoms"...which, amazingly, I didn't know).


Now I have more excuses than ever to buy more vintage rock T-shirts and vintage magazines! As if I needed to convince myself. Remind me to do a story on all the stuff I purchase compulsively on Ebay.


FACT: I eat from the Whole Foods salad bar alone at least 10x more than I eat in real restaurants or in my own home, so now I actually feel good about this.


This includes JetBlue -- so now those cheddar whales and awesome gay flight attendants are that much more appealing.


This includes Aloft, Element, Four Points, Le Méridien, Sheraton, St. Regis, W, Westin, which makes me feel a little better about the epic bad behavior I indulged in a few weeks ago for a full weekend in the lovely W Union Square.


Step your game up, Adidas.


I've been waiting for an excuse to invest in a Sleep Number bed, and here it is! Oh wait, I can't even afford one. But whatever.


I was about to join the cool-because-it's-lame BANCO POPULAR here in New York, but maybe now I'll just go with BOA. They also give out tons of pens.

10) AOL

AOL (which includes the media behemoth Huffington Post) has put the story "Planned Parenthood Dealt Major Blow" (well, interchangably with Amy Winehouse and Demi Moore news, but whatever) at the top of their homepage today. I still use AIM if any of you guys ever want to talk to me. My screenname is cmarnell55!

So there you have it: 10 companies that pro-lifers hate. Do you know of any more -- or pro-life companies (besides Curves Fitness!) to boycott? I think the Dominos thing isn't true anymore... Enlighten me though.

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