My Favourite Fitness Video Was Made For Idiots

Sure, you can get your fitness on at a gym, but I'd rather watch a movie to get svelte.
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May 31, 2012
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When I was 15, I borrowed a copy of the fitness DVD "Pilates for Dummies" from my sister and started doing the short-ish workout every night. Within a few months, I'd shed excess pounds and suddenly had abs. Not just a strong stomach but you know, fancy, sculpted, la-di-da abs.

Used copies of this DVD are available on for around $4. Or you could just watch it on YouTube, but I probably shouldn't tell you that.

I was always an active kid, involved with track and field, gymnastics and the like, but I could never really get behind going somewhere else regularly to get my fitness on. Even in my late teens, when I joined a gym that was located right next to the store where I worked, I still found it hard to get up the motivation to go work out with a bunch of strangers surrounding me.

The truth is, I never had as much success with anything as I had with this DVD. The instructor explains things simply (for "dummies," you guys, because fitness makes me feel stupid sometimes), without being totally annoying, and the moves, when repeated on a consistent basis, really work.

I'm not saying you need to go out and buy some cute workout clothes and a yoga mat -- I do this workout sometimes on my bed, in my underwear (classy). The convenience factor makes it so much easier to commit, and thus, so much easier to get in shape.

Look how strong I am. Ha ha. I'm just kidding.

If you want to be super-buff, able to lift small children over your head with great ease, this video probably isn't for you (also, why do you need to lift small children so high?). But if you want to be sleeker and more toned, I'd totally recommend it. It works for even the dumbest of us!

Now tell me, do you prefer the gym situation, where germs run rampant and strange men grunt loudly, or are you into the at-home game? Let's talk fitness! Or you know, if you don't give a crap about exercise and want to talk about pizza, we can do that too. 'Cause I love pizza.

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