OPEN THREAD: What Crap Do You Buy In Hopes Of A Better Night's Sleep?

Sprays. Pads. Machines. Drapes. Tea.
Publish date:
July 25, 2013
open thread, sleep, shopping away your problems

Getting a good night's sleep, we are told over and over again, is fundamental to our success in every other arena of life. If you're not sleeping enough or sleeping fitfully, then you're not living your best life (and you're not as pretty as you could be). Personally, I believe that some people need more sleep than others and some people are just not huge sleepers. But that's a conversation for another day.

I happen to be a huge sleeper. I love it more than anything, and getting less than seven hours really messes with me. In a perfect world (a.k.a. college), I get nine hours. I try not even think of insomnia (it pains me to type it) because it's tempting fate and blah blah blah.

I'm pretty skilled at sleeping, but as I get a bit older and more stressed out about Real World Grownup Issues, I find my sleep slipping -- I'm more prone to fitful nights, and when I wake up in the night I have more trouble falling back asleep. So what am I doing to stave off my inevitable Ambien Rx? Buying stuff. For example:

  • Lavender sheet spray, $6 at a Country Fair

What do you do to get a better night's sleep? Will you buy pretty much anything that claims to improve your sleep? Anybody saving up for a Sleep Number bed? How do I do blackout curtains? Let's talk about it.