OPEN THREAD: How Do You Chill The F Out?

My brainspace is getting too loud to handle.
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October 16, 2013
open thread, relaxation, meditation, bossa nova, chill vibes

I've been a little bit of a wreck the past few weeks. Not gonna lie. I have had to wrangle every healthy coping mechanism I have in my arsenal of inner peace and have totally come out the other end. Thankfully, I came out a little changed.

I'm actually a huge fan of change. So. Sue. Me.

Want to know what I do when I really need some heavy ME TIME? I wait until all my roommates are gone, make some tea and leave a single reading light on in my living room, turn on Stan Getz radio on Pandora, stack back issues of W, New York, Harpers Bazaar and Wired and then I sit under that lovely reading lamp and pretend I'm living in the house in A Single Man and the only worries I have at that moment are if my tea gets cold.

Absolute chill zone.

I can't always do that though, because, life.

Recently I was talking to a new friend who was in a way rougher spot than I was at the time. She had a million drama things flying at her head and everything in her brain was screaming and bouncing off of itself. So I said something pretty brilliant: "Why don't you meditate?"

Pretty brilliant stuff, right? Like, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT?

Actually Olivia, millions of people. Everybody with a shred of sanity meditates. However, I don't. Or rather, at that moment, I didn't.

So I'm sitting there, spewing the wonders of meditation and how it will help her and make her feel better to quiet her mind blah blah blah and in my head I know I'm a fraud because I DON'T MEDITATE.

Until now!

So I went home and immediately downloaded this app (HEY MILLENIALS) that gives you a guided meditations for however much time you need with rain or nice music. I meditate in Jane's office every morning before anybody gets here (Jane doesn't know this, but I guess now she does) and I've been TRYING to get Corynne to join me but she thinks I'm being silly. She'll come around though.

I do seven minutes a day and I walk away feeling...cleaner. It feels like a really soft gentle mental scrub. All of the crazy thoughts are still there and everything they just are not as loud or urgent. Or maybe I can just hear them clearer or something. I DON'T KNOW. I like it though. I feel better.

Also, I got to visit my parents and they are lovely people and how could you not feel chill when you wake up to this:

So that's my story. What do you do? How do you get the voices in your brain to quiet the eff down? Do you meditate? Do you use Apps to relax? Do you have any wisdom for my addled brain?