Online Exercise Classes For When You Can't Possibly Leave The House

Getting to the gym is tough, so what's better than staying in your comfy abode and STILL getting a good workout in?
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February 11, 2014
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Do you know what we like about the gym? The idea of it. It has all these great classes on offer, and it is chock full of expensive machinery and sports equipment. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, for some of us, getting to the gym is more of a remote possibility than anything else. A luxury, if you will.

Lucky for us homebody would-be gym-goers, better fitness has arrived via our Wi-Fi connections. Big name gyms like Crunch and reputable companies such as Gaiam offer online versions of their incredible workouts.

Most memberships cost something, but whatever the price, it's a decided bargain compared to a monthly gym membership. Plus, with online exercise classes, you can workout whenever you want. Got twenty minutes while your kid practices piano? Great! Break out the yoga mat and follow along as Jillian Michaels leads you through an intense series of ab-burning exercises over Lionsgate BeFit series shown via YouTube.

The beauty of the streaming video workout is that you can test something out for a few minutes and move on to another class if you're not feeling it. Probably sounds a heck of a lot more enticing than cautiously stepping into a new class at the club and leaving halfway through because it wasn't what you expected--or wanted. Another bonus is that, unlike the standard exercise DVD, many of the streaming videos are happening in real time. Ostensibly, you're working out alone at home, but you're really a part of a bigger class that's following an instructor's encouraging lead and directions. In many ways, that beats the monotony of watching a structured video and practicing a routine based on a recorded session.

One of the ten online options listed below ought to strike your fancy. Choose one (or several, as most offer free trial memberships) and discover the benefits of working out at home on your time.

1. Physique 57

A rigorous barre workout that promises to deliver excellent results is the latest online option from this powerhouse fitness crew. The company also offers such classes as Get Fit Quick, Cardio Blast, and Strong and Lean. Pick the one that best suits your needs and get those muscles moving!

2. Daily Burn

This ultra fit pair sure looks like they know what they're doing, right? Well, they offer over 100 workouts from world-class trainers that you can use at any time. Check 'em out here. Choose to pay by month or year.

3. Barre 3

This streaming workout video offers a combination of barre exercise, Pilates and yoga. With an unlimited monthly streaming membership, work out when you want, as often as you want. Great exercises to tone those troublesome areas!

4. Crunch Live

The cutting-edge gym now offers online sessions for the gym-challenged. Known for their hip and challenging classes, most are now available for purchase in streaming format! Find out what's offer on their detailed Web site.

5. EMG Live Fitness

"Workout Anytime, Anywhere, Instantly:" that's the motto of this crew, who brings recorded fitness classes from popular gyms and studios around the country to your digital device. Feel like you're a part of an intense exercise class while never leaving your living room.

6. Flirty Girl Fitness

With this company's 24-hour, 7 day or monthly passes, you'll have access to an unlimited number of both live and on demand workout classes. The facility is women's only and aims to make fitness approachable for all women. Choose from Booty Beat, Hottie Body Boxing or Sexy Sculpt--just to name a few of the company's offerings. Get the details!

7. Gaiam

Gaiam's reputation in the yoga world is outstanding, and now it has its own TV channel to boot, where you can workout to intense or relaxing Vinyasa sessions or engage in meditation practices. Check out all six channels free for seven days; find out how right here.

8. Pilatesology

For the traditionalist Pilates student, these online sessions are both inspirational and transformative. The long, lean look of the instructor in the slide indicates who you'll be practicing alongside when you sign up with the studio.

9. Yogis Anonymous

Ally Hamilton, Derek Beres and Kate Cariati are just a few of the top yoga instructors you'll be following when you register for this streaming video package. The various online options offer a diverse variety of classes that target tight hips and encourage inversions. At just $15 a month, you should check them out now.

10. Lionsgate BeFit

Burn fat and sculpt your muscles into lean working machines with these YouTube videos featuring such fitness pros as Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, and Jillian Michaels. There's even a Go Mobile series for the seriously time-challenged among us. Find out more about them here.

Reprinted with permission from Elizabeth Street. Want more?

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