My Vagina Keeps Me From Spinning

See, I love spinning. But my vagina? Hates it.
Publish date:
August 7, 2013
exercise, vaginas, spinning

Whoever thought that I, one who hates cardio, would learn to love pushing my legs to untold RPMs on a stationary bike in a hot sweaty room with strangers? But alas, I had stop. See, I love spinning. But my vagina? Hates it.

If you’ve ever passed by the spin room at the gym, you’ll hear a bunch of crazy people whooping and hollering, music blaring, and instructor shouting. You’ll feel the buzz of and hum of 1.1 jigawatts of energy being created by sheer human will power and the summoning of divine inner strength.

The room is sometimes darkened, lending a rave-feel, even an otherworldly sense to the session. I forget I'm in a gym, forget I'm working out, because I'm just spinning. There are no complicated steps to remember like in aerobics, no distractions like meatheads who drop their weights hard on the floor, no death glares from others when I’m on the elliptical too long. With spinning… you just spin. You just GO.

When I'm in “the zone” while spinning, I’m in an almost meditative state. Theta waves? Beta waves? I don’t know for sure, but something happens about ten or fifteen minutes in, and I'm laser focused, in an alternate space. Nothing else in the world matters, because I am working so hard and am so focused on my breath and movement. Besides, what other kind of meditation also does wonders for your butt?

So if spinning is so wonderful, why did I stop?

We all know yeast thrives in hot, moist conditions, i.e. a spin room for an hour of sweating that goes all the way down to your coochie. Then, to add insult to injury, when you sit with that bike seat pressed up against your vagina – well, it’s uncomfortable at best, and can be damaging to sensitive tissues at worst.

In addition, you’ve got friction from all that sitting up and back down onto your seat. You can get a gel seat cover (got that) and a padded pair of spin shorts (got that too) but no matter what I do, my vajayjay takes a beating. Irritation, yeast, bacterial infections – you name it. I’m prone to it anyway, and spinning invites it all in for a big bacterial party in my spandex shorts (Spandex! Another culprit!). Also, according to my OB/GYN, irritated skin makes one more prone to infection.

I would shower immediately after. I tried working out in standing position most of the time. Nothing worked, and I put up with it for a while. But, between the constant stream of bills from doctor’s visits, medications, side effects of said medication, and general frustration, I knew I had to find another way to get my ass (and heart) in gear.

Sure, I’ve been on the treadmill, even rediscovered my love of Zumba, but I miss the way the rest of my body responded to spinning--after the initial warm-up and “I can’t believe I am going to do this for the next 40 minutes”-– the euphoria kicks in. Muscles feel trembly and spent, but in the best way possible. And how you know you seriously kicked your own ass.

I can’t be the only one whose lady parts have been limiting her as of late. What kinds of things have you lost, thanks to a sensitive vagina?