FOR THE LAST TIME, CAT: I'm Not Anorexic

But, I am thin. Here's how I do it the HEALTHY way.
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December 21, 2011
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When Cat says that she wants to count my ribs, or asks if I've started sprouting fur, or demands that I tweet my weight, I think it's hilarious because she's fucking with me, you guys. I'm skinny as hell, and we can laugh about it since I'm healthy, and she knows it.

When one of our lovely commenters requested my diet and workout tips, I was super-excited to share them, something Cat's been asking me to do for a while. But then she went sort of mean girl and used the A word on me.

For the record, my mentor can make fun of me all she wants. She's in charge of my career and I know she's got my back, but when a commenter actually apologized to me, I felt like setting the record straight.

Eating healthily and working out isn't something I had to learn or adapt to. I grew up with it. Back when my parents sent me to summer camp, I'd hope for candy on visiting day, but they always brought Fig Newtons. Both of them are now over 60, and they still exercise at five or six days a week. They keep mostly organic or natural food in the house, and neither one of them really drinks. Boring as hell, I know, but these are the healthy habits that thinness is born of.

Now, my lifestyle isn't nearly as crunchy and dull as theirs, but it's pretty close. Diet-wise, I don't like to count calories or follow the rules. When I first moved from the UK to the US, I did those things, and that was the only time in my life when I actually gained weight. Instead, I've found the best thing to do is follow my own instincts. And if that means eating an entire avocado at 3am, then fine. I did that this morning, whatever.

How about I just tell you about my food habits, and I'll talk about exercise in another article? Okay.

I don't stop eating until the minute I go to sleep and I start the second I wake up, usually with these Scandinavian Bran Crisps that you can get at any health food store. Lately I've been putting avocado on top, because I crave that shit! If I feel like it, I'll have about half the pack of crackers and half of the avocado, then come back to both later in the day.

Next up, I have a Synergy Kombucha, almost always before noon and sometimes a Yerba Mate tea too. Then around 1pm, everyone at xoJane is simultaneously hungry and we order from this place called Schnippers near the office. I usually have a big market salad with chick peas, corn, avocado and tomatoes on top. Oh my god, I want it right now!

As the day progresses, I go to the office kitchen for snacks maybe five or six times. We get Fresh Direct and I shamelessly hoard the produce. In fact our office manager, Jules, just gives me the carrots and hummus packs directly. Love you, Jules! What I don't go for at work are baked goods and sweets. Maybe it's a learned behavior, but that stuff doesn't appeal to me.

After work, if I'm not going to an event, I'll have dinner with friends or we might go to someone's place and order in. I usually have some variation of this combo: vegetables, a protein and something whole wheat, accompanied by vodka or Veev and soda. I don't really like wine. We also cook sometimes. And by cook, I mean put this bad boy in the oven.

That's an Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza and I have to have it at least once a week with a big mixed salad.

I also eat one whole grapefruit a day--often two--either mashed up in a beverage. I'll also have lots of whatever fruit is in season, so right now that's apples and pears.

Now I feel like this is getting boring, so I should just wrap it up. As I said, I don't have any groundbreaking tips or tricks for staying thin, I eat healthily, and I enjoy doing so. Is that annoying? I want to hear about your eating habits. Tell me what works (or doesn't work) for you!