I Refuse to Apologize for my "Stinky" Vegetables

Diet-shaming! It happened to me.
Publish date:
May 7, 2012
vegetables, healthy lunch, office eating


"Does anyone have a candle?" asked one of my co-workers. "It smells like a turd sandwich in here."

“I made steamed vegetables” I replied, plate of hot broccoli and cauliflower in hand.It's hard out here eating healthily. For the past few months when I've wanted cooked cruciferae for lunch I ordered in, a less pungent option than preparing the veggies on site. Today I threw consideration to the wind and microwaved some crudite instead. Quicker, easier, and most of all cheaper than having someone else cook them, steam-in-the-bag vegetables are probably the most anti-social office food, second only to tuna fish and egg salad.


Everyone had something to say about my lunch -- diet-shaming! Look, it's no secret that some of the healthiest foods out there are often pungent and devoid of flavor. I've got three candles burning in my apartment most of the time and no one ever wants a bite of my food at dinner. Still, steamed vegetables are nutritious and filling so sometimes I have them for lunch.

What do you think? Should I be forced to eat my vegetables outside or does everyone need to be a little more tolerant about food scents? Weigh in!

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