A Diet Company Stole My Photos and Claimed I Lost 70 Pounds in a Month

The fact that I now KNOW they simply LIE and STEAL photos to peddle this stuff has put me over the edge.
Publish date:
August 20, 2013

Yup, that’s me.

No, the photos aren’t Photoshopped.

I really did lose 70 lbs.

It just took a hell of a lot longer than 30 days!

Try a year.

“Day 1″ and “Day 30″ are exactly a year apart.

A company or individual (they have since made their contact info private since I emailed them a copyright violation notice) decided to steal my before and after photos, slap some text on them, and claim I lost the weight in an obscene amount of time using their diet products.

You’d think things like this wouldn’t happen. I can’t even tell you how many times I bought into a diet or supplement based on the before and after photos. After all, pictures don’t lie.

Yeah, right.

Listen, we all want a quick fix.

A magic pill.

Well, I’m sorry to say it doesn’t exist.

If it did, do you really think some shady company with multiple websites and a “Women’s Fitness” look-alike Facebook account would be the ones who figured it out just so they can sell it through some back-door affiliate program?

Of course it’s “all natural” and you can get a “free bottle” as long as you send them your credit card information.

Oh! And there’s a money back guarantee so it HAS to be the real deal.

What do you have to lose?

*eye roll*

I’m sorry, but I’m so over this and the fact that I now KNOW they simply LIE and STEAL photos to peddle this stuff has put me over the edge.


Do you really want to know how I lost the weight?

I ate less.

Novel idea, right?

I didn’t even really change my diet all that much in the beginning. I simply watched portions, food journaled and stopped eating when I reached my daily calorie/Point target for the day.

It was frickin’ hard and sometimes I was HUNGRY but I kept at it. I food journaled. I got creative in the kitchen. I started to eat out less. I realized fruits and vegetables would fill me up for fewer calories. I learned everything that I consume ads up and ads up fast. I stopped drinking calories and putting butter on everything. I no longer shove slices of cheese in my mouth when making a sandwich or ate overflowing bowls of pasta convinced it’s a serving just because a restaurant served it to me.

I also got off the damn couch. I took walks, went to the park and stopped making eating and TV watching my go-to pastime activities.

Even doing all of that, do you know what the hardest part of my weight loss was?

Accepting and loving myself regardless of how much fat my body was carrying.

Once I realized that, the eating less and moving more thing didn’t seem as hard as it once did.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still working on it. There are still days I look in the mirror disgusted with what I see. I still fight the perfection mentality that tells me I blew it by eating an Oreo and now I might as well just finish off the whole bag. And let’s not forget my inner mean girl who insists I’ll never be good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, and (more recently) young enough.

If you want to reach a personal weight-loss goal it is possible, but you aren’t going to find the solution in a bottle, cream or exercise device. You need to look inward, be honest with yourself, and set realistic goals. Your change has to come from self love, not hate.

Stop punishing yourself and giving these idiots your money.


P.S. Please share this on Facebook so I can drown out their ads. I want them to regret ever stealing my photos. They messed with the wrong weight-loss success story.

P.P.S. To read more about how I lost the weight click here. I’m not selling you a quick fix, I swear. It’s just goes into more detail on the 5 things I had to overcome to find success.

Reprinted with permission from Just Roni.