How I became a natural food lover

...or how I learnt to kick Ronald McDonald square in the balls
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July 24, 2012
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As a child in the hip 90′s, my parents did what any loving parents would do. They fed me McDonalds, gave me a bowl cut and dressed me like Blossom. I’ve forgiven them for all these errors of judgements now - they didn’t know any better. And neither did I.

So I grew up, eating fast food, canned food, frozen food, fried food, and super modified food whilst listening to Backstreet Boys on my walkman.

The years went by, my bowl cut grew out to a hairsprayed mess, and I became a teenager, earning my own money and starting to make my own choices about what I was eating – and it wasn’t exactly lentil soup, since lentils in 2005 were totally uncool in my circle of teenage friends.

This is what I wasn't eating

By the time I was 16 I lacked energy, had bad skin and mood swings, I was putting on weight and I was getting ill all the time.

All these health issues (which I at the time didn’t consider as health issues, just normal life) started I moved to England to study at university, and inevitably drank. A lot.

Along with all the alcohol, the processed food I ate and the late party nights I was getting sicker by the day. As my weight crept up, my energy levels crept down and even though I was working out and eating “healthy” (think light products and powerbars), I was still getting colds all the time.

Then there were my looks. I'm not overly vain (lies, lies, lies) but I'd become spotty and flabby. I felt more like the chavs in the local chip shops than the hot university student I was supposed to be.

Then, in my last year at university, I went to Thailand, where it all changed. I started reading about processed food, I discovered Bikram Yoga, and I started to question why I would eat other living individuals when I didn’t have to.

Happy green smoothie

For the first time in my life, I actually looked at what I was eating, and I was shocked. My whole life I had been pumping myself with artificial synthetic food and decomposing flesh.

I had been consuming cancer-provoking sweeteners thinking they were better than normal sugar and eating low fat products that had replaced all the natural fat with e-numbers.

I started to make the connection between my food, how I lived and how I felt. In essence, I rediscovered myself. I now wake up feeling energized and happy and certainly younger than I did at age 16.

Now all I want to do is to help people realize that our supermarkets are actually packed with uneatable colourful poison and not food to consume.

I want you to know what E-number 420 can do to your brain and why we should eat as natural as possible. I want you to know how to live an amazing life by living on natural foods that actually grows around you.

In short, I want you to kick Ronald McDonald real hard in the balls while you salute your Mother Earth.

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