Goat Cheese Meet Eczema

Last week, after showing the world the secret under my sleeves, I got a TON of advice on what to do for my eczema arms.
Publish date:
February 6, 2012
goat cheese, pasta, eczema recipes

Last week, after showing the world the secret under my sleeves, I got a TON of advice on what to do for my eczema arms. The most common food- related cures from our amazing xoJane community were coconut oil, aloe vera juice and goat cheese.

No lie, that very same day I was scrolling through comments on the couch and flipping through channels I landed on Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis' recipe featuring goat cheese and vitamin E packed spinach and treviso. It's like the smooth skin nymphs that live in my cable box were trying to tell me something. So I hightailed it to Safeway to tackle my itchy arms from the inside out.

For whatever reason I always thought goat cheese was super expensive in the same way I think all cheese besides Velveeta is expensive. If you grew up not entirely "poor" but with not a lot, there's a segregation you impose on yourself when hitting the super market that's hard to shake (say THAT five times fast).

To this day there are "velvet rope aisles" in my mind, chief among them being the cheese bin area along with the seafood counter. Whenever I buy salmon I feel rich, even cheap ass Tilapia gives me that "You've finally made it, kid" feeling. Anyway, goat cheese.

About 8 ounces only ran me around 6 bucks and since according to like everyone goat cheese is great for your skin I'm adding this creamy stuff to like everything. First up my remix of my girl Giada's "

penne with treviso and goat cheese

" recipe.

What I did:


(2) fistfuls


whole wheat penne

in a big ole pot of salted water

Pan fried

(2) mild Italian sausages

cut up and then reserved


(2) tbsps

of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with

(2) crushed cloves of Garlic

Threw in:

(2) fists

of baby


(2) fists

of chopped


(I couldn't find treviso)

1/2 cup


beef stock

(I forgot to buy chicken stock and this is what I had)

1/4 cup


red wine vinegar

(again I was 'posed to use balsamic but whateves)

(2) tsps


lemon juice(1) shake

of my

red pepper flake jar

Let all those ingredients get acquainted in your pan grotto for about 5 - 6 minutes. Then add your cooked pasta (and your Italian sausage if you need meat with every meal like me). Reserve some pasta water just in case you need to add a little to the "sauce" you've created.

Slide everything onto your plate (well not everything, just a serving) and add in as much grated parmesan and goat cheese as your heart desires, plus some torn basil leaves and salt to taste. Then booyakasha:

The goat cheese melted and my night was made. The red wine vinegar added a kick that wasn't in Giada's OG recipe (balsamic vinegar is a smoother ride) but I didn't mind -- at all. This was an excellent addition to my food-that-makes-your-skin-better recipe box. Next up? Aloe Vera cocktail night! And that coconut oil? Let's just say Valentine's Day is coming up in T minus eight days.