FREE! 250 Yufit "Virtual Gym" Memberships! Plus: The Only Thing I Know To Cure Depression (exercise; duh)

No, I don't really work out in the deli. Or dressed like that.
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January 23, 2012
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It's no huge secret that I struggle with bad feelings and all that. The darkness! Sometimes I read the Bipolar II books and get convinced I'm that, though I don't think I actually am. I'm hideously ADHD and disorganized and irresponsible, and I carry around a lot of heavy bad feelings about that stuff all of the time. I might be just chemically imbalanced after 15 years of using too many prescription drugs.

Who knows?! Life is so awesome and mysterious that way! Yes, I am being facetious.

But the one thing that I know to do to relieve all this is to exercise.

If you're all, "Duh, Cat," OK; I hear you. This isn't really news to anyone who knows literally anything about depression, or emotional health, or about being a relatively healthy human being.

But I really can't say this enough, because depressed people can't hear it enough: If you work out, you will feel better. If you work out, you will feel better.

You will also look better, and that is another reason you will feel better. You don't even need to be shallow or insecure like me for this to be true. Everyone feels good when they have a little more muscle tone. It's sort of like having a tan! I'm your beauty editor and there's always a vanity angle; you looking good is always a concern of mine. Don't hold it against me (or do -- I can handle it).

And when you feel and look better, your life will get better.

Here's what I've been doing the past month or so :

-Walking outside with headphones as much as possible. I listen to a lot of Rolling Stones, Babyshambles and Britney Spears.

-I bought equipment I can use at home, and do, often. Just a yoga mat and free weights (pairs of 5 lb. and 8 lb. weights should cover all your bases). Then I do workout DVDs: I love the old Cindy Crawford one -- the "Shape Your Body" workout and yoga-for-weight-loss (again, I'm shallow) DVDs by YogaWorks.

-I take yoga once a week at this place Yoga Vida, and am about to start Pilates again (I believe nothing transforms a female body more, if that's what you're after).

-I have not actually been working out at Mott Corner deli; that picture above was me fooling around when I was high one night over the summer. I’m succch an elegant person, I know.

And here, okay, I actually DO have something helpful to write about! The amazing people at Yufit, an "online gym" with tons of fantastic classes that you take through your computer, are giving away free month-long memberships to 100 xoJane readers!

Yes, 100 250 (UPDATE: Yufit has given us 150 additional memberships!) of you -- whomever is first to register, so go try to do this now. So sick. Here's how to get yours: visit Yufit here and fill out the form (it’s very brief); enter promo code XOJANE. The account will be available within 24 hours of signing up.

I'd like to hear your favorite depression cure, and the kind of exercise you enjoy most (and least). And who else loves workout DVDs? Discuss!

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