WAIT. Are My Fish Oil Supplements Making Me Smell Like F*%@ing Fish?!

Omega-3 enhances mood, improves skin and supports healthy weight loss. But does it also make you smell like tuna?
Publish date:
April 6, 2011
supplements, fish oil, omega-3

DUDE! I've been so following this healthy regimen designed especially for ADHD people -- screw prescription drugs! I hate them! -- and like one of the most crucial elements is Omega-3 supplements, a.k.a. FISH OIL! And I was all good about it, even enjoying it. Not only are there mental-focus benefits, Dr. Perricone and every other pro in the world claim that Omega-3 enhances mood, improves skin, and supports healthy weight loss (read tons more about it here). So after 12 years on horrible speedy pills that slowly ruined my life, popping Omega-3 at my desk all day like Adderall feels very satisfying.

Plus, real talk; I don't eat fish or seafood in any way, shape or form; never ever. Hate it. I'm deeply psychologically scarred! My crazy shrink parents used to make me stay at the dinner table trying to force me to eat one bite; I'd sit stone-faced for three hours until one of the would snarl at me to just go to bed. And my mom used to make me gag down a spoonful of canned tuna whenever I did something really bad, because I loved being sent to my room where my books were. Thus anything fishy is evil to me, and also anything psychiatrist-y! Stupid parents.

So I have many reasons that I never ever want to smell fishy. No one wants to smell fishy. But I was just talking to my healthiest friend, Chrissy, and she was all, "Ugh -- those make you start smelling like fish after a while. You know that, right?" NO I DID NOT KNOW THAT!

Is this true? Dear God. My friend says that Trader Joe's carries odorless fish oil supplements. Has anyone tried them? Has anyone tried the Perricone? Has anyone else started smelling fishy on these things? Like I can't believe this! I've been taking them for months.