My Insurance Company Makes Me Cry

I'm hoping to tap into what I can only imagine is a seething communal rage in regard to insurance companies.
Publish date:
January 10, 2012
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This morning, I shut my office door for the purpose of quietly crying. We're talking severe crumple-face sobbing the likes of which this office hasn't seen since the great "budget math" incident of 2011. This time, the culprit was my insurance company, whose primary purpose seems to be to refuse to pay for anything ever.

Can I just bitch about my insurance company for a minute?

I spend 1,000 dollars a month on therapy, and trust me, I need it. This is not casual, muse-about-my-childhood therapy. This is intensive outpatient treatment. There is sobbing and yelling and I truly believe that those 3 hours a week stand between me and death by substance abuse. My doctor doesn't take insurance, but I've always been partially reimbursed for his services as an out-of-network provider.

But I've had a new insurance company since May (it's Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, which I'll tell you despite the fact that they're way too big and rich to feel my Internet shame) and since May, they have refused to pay for any of my therapy, despite allegedly offering 70% coverage on out-of-network costs.

They don't just come out and say they won't pay for it, but every time I file a claim, they reject it pending say, copies of my therapist's notes from every session, which they then claim not to have received. I say claim because they "didn't receive" the notes in the exact same way for two different providers. Then when they finally acknowledge receiving the notes, they come up with some new reason to reject the claims, some new piece of information they need.

Of course, all this is punctuated with wasted minutes spent on frustrating calls with customer service, in which I fight the urge to yell "I'VE BEEN RAPED, OK?" in an effort to shock somebody into helping me.

Today I reached the point where I can no longer afford to go to therapy until I am reimbursed some of the money I'm owed. Due to a brand-new complication with my HSA plan, I also can't afford my medication, which I'm officially out of today. What can you do but cry?

Reading about somebody else's insurance struggles is probably about as interesting as hearing someobody else's "I was so drunk last night" stories, but I'm just hoping to tap into what I can only imagine is a seething communal rage in regard to insurance companies. Is anyone else getting royally fucked by theirs on a continuous basis? Any tips for navigating the unfeeling bureaucracy?