Eating Like A Grown-Up: The Best Salad EVER In The History Of The World

I love this thrown-together yet delicious salad, and I'm betting you will too.
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February 1, 2012
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I've always enjoyed cooking, and now that I'm out on my own, putting together meals is one of the most exciting things in my day-to-day life. Does this make me a nerd? I don't even care!

I love grocery shopping, I even love putting away groceries. I love coming home and throwing stuff together, or planning out dinner a few hours (or even days) in advance. Food is awesome, and there's nothing more satisfying than polishing off a meal you made with your own hands.

Sometime last year I was trying to recreate at home this crazy delicious beet salad I'd had at a fancy restaurant. I didn't have any beets or any of the main ingredients besides green apples, but I went with it and followed my dreams.

The results were oddly delicious, a mix of crunchy sour bits, a bit of sweetness, and a whole lot of awesome. I like that this also requires minimal ingredients and things you probably already have in your own fridge. When I'm super-hungry, I'll make a giant bowl of this stuff and eat it on its own, but it's also awesome as a side. Try it and let me know what you think!

Crunchy Green Apple Salad

  • a few handfuls of spring mix or baby romaine mix, washed (duh, do I even have to tell you this? Just assume I want you to wash all of your produce)
  • one green apple, sliced up multiple times so you basically have little green apple cubes
  • a handful of unsalted, roasted pumpkin seeds (you can also throw in some unsalted pistachios too)
  • a tablespoonful of crumbled goat cheese (I use this fig flavoured one right now, but regular goat cheese works just as nicely)
  • a drizzle of honey
  • as much balsamic vinaigrette as you want

Usually what I do is start with a handful of the greens, add a handful of chopped apple, and then keep layering while throwing in the pumpkin seeds. I drizzle the honey on top, crumble in the goat cheese, and then add the vinaigrette. You can also add dried cranberries too. Mix it all together and ta-da, oh my gosh it's the easiest, most delicious salad ever. If your mouth doesn't fall in love, there's something wrong with it and you should go to the doctor, probably.

Now, what are your favourite salad recipes, or just your favourite recipes in general? Let me know. I LOVE FOOOOOD.

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